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The Texas Ambassador Corps FAQ

The Texas Ambassador Corps

What is the Texas Ambassador Corps?
It is an elite group of Texas nations that represent Texas by having a puppet nation located in another region. A Texas Ambassador serves two main functions. To help streamline communication between Texas and the Allied region, as well as working to build and maintain a positive relationship between the regions.

What are the duties of an Ambassador?
Generally speaking, Ambassadors create a new nation to move to the friendly region. They are encouraged to participate in that region as they do in Texas. That means posting occasionally on their NS board as well as registering on their offsite forum and maintaining a Texas Embassy there. Once you have registered on their forum, identify yourself as the Texas Ambassador.

It also entails providing information to that nation's designated contact (Delegate, Founder, or whomever they have designated) about Texas events and happenings and inviting them and their nations to Texas events and happenings. At the moment, we donít have a regular newsletter from Texas but are looking into restarting it. In the meantime, keep an eye on the happenings in Texas and post periodic updates.

Feel free to join in on various discussions on the NS page for your allied region, and on their forum. It helps to keep your name in front of our allies. At a minimum, log into your nation once a week.

By the same token, a Texas Ambassador is expected to report monthly in the Texas Ambassadorial Conference Room on events from their assigned region. This is not a big deal, just something like (broke population record, kicked out VP, started a story on monsters raiding farms, got a new Delegate, started Elections, etc.) Things that are of interest.

Occasionally you may be asked to reach out to the WA delegate/founder for official business, or they may reach out to you with a concern/question pertaining to Texas. If they reach out to you, pass the information onto the pertinent members of TX government as soon as possible. If it is a simple question you can answer, feel free to do so. .

Why does Texas do this?
Texas is a large, powerful, friendly region and over time we have identified many regions that share similar ideals as Texas and wish to be friendly with them. †Some of these ideals include being anti-Invader, capitalistic, freedom-loving, fun-loving, concerned with the direction of the World Assembly, etc.

How do I join the Texas Ambassador Corps?
Post either here on this thread or contact either the Texas Secretary of State (currently Trecdom2) or The Governor by telegram on NationStates, or by Personal Message or email on this board. Ambassadors will need to be registered on this forum to be able to make their reports.

Are there any requirements?
A willingness to do this and to represent Texas. We also ask that they actively perform their duties. We ask that nations be residents of the Texas region a while so they understand how things work, but this can be waived. Your nationís classification, prefix, should reflect your status as a Texas ambassador. Your flag should also be Texas themed. A default flag is available for use if you so wish, but is not required.

Can Ambassador nation open diplomatic relations with other nation's that Texas currently does not have Relation with?
Short answer, no, not really. Each Region is thoroughly scrutinized by not only the Cabinet but by the Texas Representative Council. We also have some unspecified criteria that regions must conform to. Some of these include not supporting invaders and size. Texas would be doing a disservice to any small regions by setting up diplomatic relations with them because they could become targets of our enemies who would like to spread our Defense Forces thin by attacking our allies, drawing troops away from homeland security. For that reason, regions need to be of sufficient size to defend themselves to be considered for relations.

Of course, Texans are free to suggest regions to The Secretary of State or Governor privately, they are just not to approach other regions on behalf of Texas.

Does this puppet need to be a WA member?
No. As a matter of fact, we prefer it not be since a player can only have one WA nation, we would like to keep those in Texas for defense purposes.

Will this position lead to other positions?
Who knows? †It certainly cannot hurt.

What if I have more questions?
If at any time you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the Texas Secretary of State, Lt Governor, or Governor.

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