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[size=120][i]"SPA and SG"[/i][/size]

(1) The "Syndicalist Police Administration" (SPA) and the "Syndicalist Guard" (SG) are autonomous Agencies with the objective of Espionage, Military Intelligence and Internal Security.
(2) The heads of SPA and SUG will be the Overseer of Security (for SPA) and the Syndicate Marshal (for SG), who are responsible for the direction of both agencies.
[b]Powers and Guidelines
Members of SPA and SG
(2) All information about members of the SPA and SG must not be shared publicly, under penalty of Treason. List of Operators and their actions may only be viewed by the Syndicate Overseer, Syndicate Marshal and Overseer of Security.

(3) a. SPA is allowed to suppress or delete any message that poses a significant threat on the RMB or regional Discord if any rights are not infringed. Each message suppressed or deleted must be logged in a message archive. The Syndicate Overseer, the Syndicate Marshal and the Overseer of Security may look at this archive at any time, and with unanimous approval may restore any RMB post or re-post any message on the Discord that has been deleted or suppressed.
b. Any nation that seems to pose a threat to the Socialist Syndicalist Union must be observed. Any observed nation can be ejected and/or banned by SPA with a majority vote from the Congress.

(4)a. SG Operators may collect intelligence against in any region which may pose a threat. This data must be stored in a visible channel for residents with authorisations.
a. When an attack is planned against a hostile region, SG may be used to gather intelligence and cause infighting within the region. Under these circumstances, documents of SG may be shared to soldiers.
b. SG operations in regions may include:
- Cause Infighting
- Gain Power Positions
- Coup a Government
- Help Invading Forces or Recruit in the Region.