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Regional Assembly Office (FNR Branch)


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Regional Assembly Office

WA Delegate: Narvatus
Members: WA Member Citizens of the Free Nations Region.

The Regional Assembly is established to provide citizens of The Free Nations Region to have a chance to advise our Delegate on how he or she votes in the World Assembly, help make proposals to submit to the World Assembly, and most importantly give you the a voice in our region!! The Regional Assembly is headed by the WA Delegate who is elected by the WA citizens to serve a 180 day term.
Endorsement Program

Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Regional Assembly Endorsement Program

How To Join the World Assembly?
  • Go to Settings and fill in your e-mail address. (skip if you have done it already)

  • Go to World Assembly and click on "Apply to Join".

  • You will get a confirmation mail from World Assembly on the e-mail address you have given. Click on the link given in that mail.

  • Click on the Confirmation Button after that.

Note: DON'T Keep More than one nation in World Assembly.

How To Endorse Someone?
  • Narvatus Click on this link or any other nation link which is a member of the World Assembly.

  • Click on the "Endorse (Nation Name)" button.

How Can I Participate in this Program?

You can Participate in this Program by endorsing our current WA Delegate Narvatus and get points by endorsing all the other nations who are endorsing the WA Delegate.
List of nations Endorsing Narvatus:- Tigerania, Vilorelis, Emaha, Galali, OF Arian Hellas, The Republic of Awesometopia, My Nation, Ulymein, Archargentina, Afraka, Underwater Sovereignties, Grand Abaco, Sparsdan, MountGranite, Laidir, Doctors Orvos, Rokandia, EileanDonan, Literian, Hotak, Alitani, Gufand, Mapperdonia, Tan Talaba, Moka Pamplemousses, Sulivannia, Novostia, Ratakosha, South Asiania, Kouper, The Aaronian Reich, Gouverne, Syrisia, Joergen, Mersdon, Unova SSR, Tiocfadh, Minas Motus, People of Nolan, BBoss, Kannonate, Roberdian, Tigerist minitedder, New Lizhou, Zedyeg, Stmagos, Ste Franin, Mafacy, Himmel Ende, Liberty et Justice, Ocultia, Artannia, Rakkene, Gullyslanarmaing, Confederacion analitica-aceleracional, Uljenph, Belonsa, Tetthia, Linkers Sha, Ode Duddis, Ateris, Karsopolis, Rhim Flavezztowland, Europan Union, SIDDHARISTAN, Rivand, Itianr Arazia, Dongerland, Alicetopia, Eireann Nua, Die Deutschen, Inner Spaxi Serf, Great Sothos, The Free France, Crasador, Alternamerica, Mazum Sherrys, Parenlord, Shaizan, The Republic Of Zero Fricks, Koli Iona, Astro Volkanisia, Devorset, Democratic Coordination, Tyuleniy, Amorosa-Coonarra Coasts, Southern Moitrak, Kissassia, Vilembergue, Armstronia, Westfallian States, Diarock, Cerania, Cape Adamantis, Northern Celtic Regions, Muchansskloni, New RandyLand, The brotherhood of eternal love, Longcord, Municipality of Baria and Vungtau, Asianite, Zuuri, ZenPenguin, United Forces of Chernobyl, New Polanda, Allm, Dornla, Johnesty, La Mode, Liberllandia, Demonville, Balkanturistan, Manoresca, Deutsches Reich Vier, Fangalist Poland, Real New Atlantis, Kastagistan, Cerania, Burnpriest, Denui, The Serene Republic of Gabeopolis, The Egalitarian Dominion of Yutes, United Forces of Chernobyl, Flutura, Republic of Arstotska Puppet, Feylea, Soap tips, MexUsCan, Eastern Calculus, Santo Andreo, Sakz, Kokun, Democratic Poples Republic of Sovniich, Savba, Obets, Valisti, Ocean Federation, SakuraEmpire, Lima Echo India Sierra, Dagny, Gusal, Renevar, Weatherwand

Number of Nations Participating: 135
Endorsement Cap: 70% of the Delegate's Endorsements.

Current Leaders



Nations Endorsed

BBoss and Manoresca




Emaha, Municipality of Baria and Vungtau and My Nation


Why is this important?

Joining World Assembly and Endorsing each other increases regional security and it is also beneficial for your nation's stats. It protects our region from raiders and other hostile forces. It also gives us a stronger voice in World Assembly Legislative Matters.
The Endotarting Hall of Fame:
Note: Data as of February 17, 2021 10:27 PM UTC
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