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🗃 Master Dispatch

Master Dispatch

— General Information —

Region Info


Citizenship Application

Application for citizenship

Regional Map

Where geopolitics get even more fun


Quick communication and lengthy treaty discussions

Glossary of Terms

Describes helpful terms and definitions regarding the region and NationStates in general

Monthly Update Issues

Archive of all Monthly Updates

Regional Origins

This describes how the region was founded – it is not necessarily a part of the RP

LinkNSDossier Page

Monitoring the region's members never got easier than this

LinkNSWiki Page

A general description of the region as a whole – not updated



NationStates Resource Repository

A collection of all NationStates resources the SA can find

Regional Meme Repository

A collection of regional and miscellaneous memes

LinkFlag Request Form

Created and maintained by New United Carolinas

NWI Flag Redesigns

Where old flags learned new stripes (thanks Cymiopolis)

— Government/Lawmaking/Politics —

General Information



Outlines the regional government and structure

Regional Government Overview

Archive for the current and past secretariat administrations and their executive decrees

World Assembly Affairs

All regional activity regarding the World Assembly can be found here

Puppet Registry

Record of every puppet in the region

NWI Official Dispatch Templates

Used for regional government documents and gives some good hints for general coding



NWI Political Parties

How the region organizes its politics

Political Analysis

Shows the influence of each political party in the GA and government

Upcoming Regional Elections

Describes all relevant election information

Regional Election Archive

Details all past election information, including candidates, platforms, and results

Regional Political Profiles

Describes experience of anyone involved with government or campaigned in the past

Political Questionnaires

Gives insight into each candidate's vision and opinions

General Assembly


General Assembly Members

Lists the members of the NWI General Assembly

Historical General Assembly Proposals

List of past General Assembly resolutions, elections, and the like

General Assembly Resolution Templates

Where GA resolutions begin their journey to stardom – via good formatting

Executive Branch


Office of the Secretary-General

States the Secretariat Agenda and other updates from the Office

Department of Administration

Updates the region on current projects and activity specific to the Secretary of Administration and subordinates

Department of Foreign Affairs

States the Embassy Policy and other information relevant to the DFA

Bureau of Regional Statistics (DA)

Statistics and information regarding the entire region

— Roleplay —

General Information


Roleplay Information

Every regional roleplay resource can be found here

Upkeep provided by the Secretary of Administration
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Last Updated: July 29, 2019

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