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Creslonia | Defence Force - Overview



Creslonian National Defence Force


Logo of the Ministry of Defence

Founded 3 October 1784

Service Branches
- Creslonian National Army
- Creslonian National Navy
- Creslonian National Air Force

Headquarters The Ministry of Defence,
Creslon City, East Island


Commander in Chief Prime Minister Jack Wyodi

Minister of Defence Matthew Ronson

Defence Force Chief of Staff Marshal Alyssa Mitchell


Military Age
Parental Consent: 17
Voluntary Service: 18

Conscription No

Regular Personnel: 12,000
Reserve Personnel: 5,250


Budget $7.749 billion

Percentage of GDP 2.8%


Undersecretary for Logistics Nicola Wilkie

Foreign Suppliers
Kingdom of the Netherlands
United States of America

The Creslonian National Defence Force (CNDF) is the military force of the Republic of Creslonia. It consists of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Prime Minister of Creslonia is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and forms military policy with the Ministry of Defense (DoD).

From the time of its inception, the Creslonian National Defence Force played a decisive role in the history of the Republic. The Army was the first branch to be formed during the relatively quick Revolution. Although its uniforms were sown by the supporting civilian population, and its equipment either hand-made or stolen from the British, the Army still managed to win the Revolution within a matter of months. Prime Minister Gabriel Creslon was quick to organise Creslonia's military. He formed the Creslonian National Army and Creslonian National Navy, placing them both under the authority of the country's first Minister of Defence, Johnathan Barclay. The Republic did not participate in World War 1, although it did pay attention. The Creslonian National Air Force was formed in 1919 whilst Creslonian military officials investigated foreign aircraft. The Creslonian Civil War transformed the CNDF into a formidable force. Through to the present day, it participates in military exercises with allies and some peacekeeping operations.

The Creslonian National Defence Force draws its personnel from a large pool of paid volunteers. Although conscription has been used in the past at various times of both war and peace, it has not been used since 1945, but the Personnel Selective System retains the power to conscript males and females.

The budget of the CNDF is 2.8% of Creslonia's GDP. The Creslonian National Defence Force is small but thanks to a comparatively large budget, it has managed to procure high-quality equipment. The Ministry of Defence places a massive emphasis on training, with domestic exercises taking place at least once a year for each branch. The CNDF is one of the most well-trained, well-equipped, most professional militaries in the world.


The History of the Creslonian National Defence Force dates back to 6 July 1784, with the creation of the Creslonian Revolutionary Army with the Declaration of Independence. The Creslonian Revolutionary Navy and Creslonian Revolutionary Marines were established at the same time and utilized captured British ships.

After the Creslonian Revolution concluded, these three forces were merged into the Creslonian National Defence Force and were renamed and reformed. The Prime Minister is the CNDF commander-in-chief.

The Creslonian National Air Force was established as an independent branch in 1919. It traces its origins back to the Army Air Arm.


Because the Creslonian National Defence Force is managed by a government department but is also a semi-independent service, its organisation differs from that of other government services.

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