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by The Marsupial Killing Machine of Fedele. . 1,933 reads.


[b]The following regions stand united against the evil scourge known as "[u]marsupials[/u]" and vow to take the necessary actions to stomp these vile creatures out of existence and send them back to the depths of hell from which they came:

[region]the West Pacific[/region]
[region]The East Pacific[/region]
[region]The Pacific[/region]
[region]Lone Wolves United[/region]
[region]Terra Incognita[/region]
[Region]Commonwealth Federation[/Region]
[Region]Pantalan Unity Coalition[/Region]
[Region]The Left Sea[/Region]
[Region]The New European League[/Region]
[region]Calefacta Aquas Piscinae[/region]
[region]Teutonic Empire[/region]
[Region]Colony 470[/region]
[region]The Mystical Council[/region]
[region]Craigs Communist Union[/region]
[region]Liberty and Freedom[/region]
[Region]Submarine Dongle Communications Cable[/region]
[region]The Northnortheast Atlantic[/region]
[Region]The Watchtower[/region]

These disgusting creatures, [u]which shove their under-developed neonates into belly sacks lined with fat[/u], are responsible for an untold number of diseases and wars. In addition to being revolting, marsupials have been vocal proponents of:

- Patricide
- Matricide
- Fratricide
- Infanticide
- Non-alcoholic cider
- Child slavery
- Nazism
- [nation]Mallorea and Riva[/nation]
- Arembee spam
- the Golden State Warriors

Finding none of these stances to be anything less than absolutely repulsive, these regions stand opposed to the marsupial menace and ask other regions to join in our cause by signing on to this statement.[/b]