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UPBC Chronicle Issue #6

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  • Election results and exclusive interview with the victors!

  • UP Cup has started!

  • Political happenings: AUPLF!

  • The brand new continent!

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Election Results And Interview
By Havadar

The elections of the Universal Pact were on the 30th of December. They were between 2 parties: the Federalist party and the Centrist party. In the first few days, after the polling stations were open, the elections were very tight, with both parties having 6 votes. A vote of one of our honorary citizens broke the stalemate, with the Federalist Party having 7 votes to 6 for the Centrists. The Federalists decided most of the offices will stay the same: Erskiellander will stay Delegate; Daunlaund will stay as our Vice Delegate and Havadar will run for another term as Admin Officer of the region. Additionally, there is not much change in the officer ranks. Remarkably though, the Federalist Party decided to appoint Centrist Party Leader Cansilica as Intelligence Officer, because of such tight elections.

We interviewed one of the members of the Federalist Party, which is our Delegate: Erskiellander
Interviewer: Daunlaund

Q: Before elections started how were you feeling?

A: I was nervous. This was the first time I was being contested in elections, so I was not sure if my party would win.

Q: What was your view on the opposition?

A: I respected them. Of course. But I felt like they were wrong on several things, so I remained confident and strong in my will to win.

Q: You ended up winning by a single vote, what was that like?

A: In all honesty? Satisfying. Stressful but ironic, as I remember having lost something of that sort in another region, by a single vote.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I plan on further expanding the embassy network, growing the nation count in the region and possibly making a few WA propositions.

Q: Are you set to stay in this region?

A: The only reason why I'd leave would be being kicked. So it's fair to say that Yes, I'm set to stay.

Q: Will you be adding any major new changes to the UP any time soon?

A: I intend on creating a new office whose goal will be to organise military operations between UP States, named "Chief of Armed Staff".

UP Cup, Some News And Results!
By Daunlaund

The UP cup is back, this year it is being held in Saint pedro. Sixteen nations applied and the first group games began on Monday the 28th of January 2019, the host Saint pedro beat Pace e Saggezza in the opening match in Flamingia, Saint pedro. In other results Havadar sailed to victory beating Neue Geldborse 2-0. The next matches are on Thursday the 31st of January and Friday the 1st of February 2019. If you want to see the groups or follow the tournament, the link to the spreadsheet is LinkHere

Full matchday results for Monday 28th of January 2019:

Pace e Sagezza vs. Saint Pedro 0-1
West Ankara vs. The Fourteen Isles 2-1
Cansilica vs. Berantoba 3-4
Neue Geldborse vs. Havadar 0-2
Daunlaund vs. Hoporginiankero 1-1
Latuaras vs. Joushiki Nante Iranai 1-1
Utopiani Republic vs. Neviersia 2-1
Erbersia vs. Georgi Republic 2-3

Political News - AUPLF
By Havadar

On December 25, 2018, the Utopian People's Liberation Front (UPLF) held their yearly protest marches in many capital cities of many member nations of the UP. The UPLF is an organization that wants member nations to leave the UP, believing that it is harmful to all nations involves. In almost all cities, the protests were peaceful, with no violence. However, in Latas, the capital of Latuaras, the AUPLF (a radical armed wing of the organization) from Latuaras and Daarlerveen joined the protests.

The situation quickly turned into chaos. The militants shot at the police, looted shops, and set tires and even buildings alight in flames. The police then opened fire on the crowd, which only worsened the situation.

Several hours later, the foreign intelligence service of Havadar, Svardén, intercepted a telephone conversation in Daarlerveen between a former Daarlerveenian general and a Latuarasian member of the organization. The Daarlerveenian was asking when they could attack and the Latuarasian gave him all the info about the situation.

Two days later, a large army of AUPLF rebels invaded Latuaras. The Latuarasian army could not handle them, and not long after the invasion began, the rebels had already captured some government buildings and moved the country to the West Pacific. When Latuaras was ejected from the West Pacific, they moved it to the Western Isles.

After the governor was shot, Latuaras desperately called in the help of its watchdog Havadar. Daunlaund and Joushiki Nante Iranai were also allowed to help. The 3 major armies launched a campaign and after 2 days, Latuaras was fully liberated and the rightful government installed once again. The city is currently rebuilding with help of the HDTU and JNI.

A New Continent!
Havadar Loses Palagian Monopoly - New Land Claimable!
By Havadar

We have a new continent, called Palagia, situated east of the North Utopian continent. It was discovered in 1478 by Havadarian ships, and for a long time they had a monopoly on trade with the continent. They also established colonies there. As you can see on the map, Havadar has a lot of land on the continent. Other powers of the UP, including Daunlaund and Erskiellander, followed later and also established colonies there.

Palagia is the smallest of the three well-known continents of the Universal Pact (the others being North and South Utopia). Nations who apply to be on the map can now choose a place from these 3 different continents.

A map of Palagia: (Green=Havadar; Dark blue=Daunlaund; Light blue=Erskiellander)

By Daunlaund and Havadar

We have made a short quiz for all of our readers!

1. In which country does edelweiss not grow natively?

2. What is the only country through which both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass?

3. What country calls itself Nippon?

4. What country was known as Rhodesia?

5. In what country might you find the Great Fence?

Good luck! Please send the answers to one of the owners of the chronicle, Joushiki Nante Iranai, Daunlaund or Havadar.
We hope and expect you can play this game nicely without cheating.
In the next issue of the chronicle, we will show you the answers to the questions and the winner(s) will be mentioned in the next time!

In issue #7:

  • More UP Cup results;

  • An interview with an honorary citizen of the UP;

  • Winter Olympics news; (Sign up now Linkhere!)

  • Political happenings;

  • And perhaps more...

All in the last issue of the UPBC Chronicle this month, on 28/02/19!

Greetings to our readers from the writers and editors of the Chronicle!

This Chronicle was made possible by Joushiki Nante Iranai, Daunlaund and Havadar