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The Byrdish-Shadoveilian War

The Byrdish-Shadoveilian war was a major conflict held between the nations of The Byrdlands and Shadoveil after the fall of the nation of Gloria at the hands of the Shadoveil revolt. The cause of the war is unclear, but the most popular theories are that Shadoveil had tried to reoccupy Lake Inna, a strategic location the Byrdlands had occupied since Gloria attempted to annex them, or that it was over the ideologies, where Shadoveil was an absolute monarchy, and the Byrdlands was a republic. Fighting was fierce around the eighties, but with the advent of both nations obtaining access to nuclear weaponry, both nations withdrew for fear of nuclear retaliation.

The most fierce battles that took place were the battles on the border between Heilens and Shadoveil, and the border still serves as a DMZ zone to this day due to the hostilities that still somewhat exist between the two nations.

Peace talks for the war began on 1 Feburary, 2019.