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Full NationStates Name: Monkaslavia
Full RP Name: Allied States of Monkaslavia
Starting Claim: France and Belgium
Government Type: Federal Republic
Head of State: President Monet
Head of Government: National Congress, composed of the Senate and National Assembly
Capital City: Solarus
Estimated Population: 48,000,000
History: Est. 1893 after achieving independence from British imperialists, liberating southern France and Portugal as well.

Type: Free-Market
Development: Developing
Imports: Oil, Rubber, Steel, and Textiles
Exports: Weaponry, Playing Cards, Baskets, Wood, and Automobiles.
Nominal GDP: $9,030,000,000
Nominal per capita: $215
Military Strength
Priority: High
Equipment: Colt M19, Ross Rifle, Springfield 1903
% GDP: 5.3%
Eligible Manpower: 13,000,000
Active Troops: 854,000 (75,000 Navy)

Navy: 56,825 sailors plus 18,175 maintenance/base/etc personnel
4 dreadnoughts (1100 men each)
18 pre-dreadnoughts (750 men each)
17 armored cruisers (850 men each)
10 protected cruisers (400 men each)
70 destroyers (100 men each)
124 torpedo boats (50 men each)
59 submarines (25 men each
43 gunboats (100 men each) {mainly colonial}
32 river gunboats (50 men) {colonial}

Reserve: 158,000