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The Monkaslavia Post - Volume 1 Issue 1 (Jan. 2019)

January 30, 2019

The Allied States of Monkaslavia enjoyed a multitude of successes throughout the month of January. The nation agreed to relocate to the Mare Nostrum region, choosing to remain a sovereign nation. Additionally, defense funding was increased at the request of the constituents. Science has progressed following the government approved cloning research. This month, the federal government also decided not to make voting a mandatory procedure, giving even more freedom to the Monkaslavian people. Some backlash did break out when the federal government opted to stay out of the diversity question when it came to Monkaslavian TV shows, citing "it is best that the federal government stay out of television production unless it produces offensive/harmful material".

This has been this month's issue of the Monkaslavia Post.