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The Pacifica January Update - Foreign Affairs

January Update


    Pacifica held its first Presidential elections on the 10th of January 2019; voting closed on the 15th of January 2019.This was an opportunity for any member of the region to volunteer themselves and become a more important member of Pacifica.
    Nominations opened on the 5th of January for all 3 positions.
  • Presidential Election
    During the nomination period, only one user, the acting President, Cormactopia Prime put themselves forward.
    When the vote commenced, on the 10th of January, there was only one candidate, Cormactopia, with an option to re-open nominations. Overwhelmingly, the voters voted in favour of Cormactopia Prime returning as President, from his temporary role as President despite the option of re-opening nominations.

  • Speaker
    As in the Presidential elections, only one person put themselves forward for the position of Speaker. This was Qwabour Harbour. All the dates and times are the same as the Presidential.
    Once the voting commenced, all 8 voters, the same turnout for both the Presidential and Prime Minster elections, voted in favour of electing Qwabour Harbour.

  • Prime Minister
    Once again, only one person nominated themselves as Prime Minister for Pacifica. This was Wymondham2.
    With the same voter turnout as all other elections, Wymondham2 was unanimously elected as the Prime Minister of Pacifica.


The Constitution of Pacifica was passed on the 5th of January. This lays out the ground rules for Pacifica in the future.
It is located Linkhere.

The Ministries were set up by Cormactopia Prime & Wymondham2 upon their election as President and Prime Minister respectively.

  • Gameside Affairs
    Gameside affairs has been working to increase the activity of the on-site community of Pacifica, with the leadership of newly appointed minister Lower lukatonia (AKA Ham).

  • Community Affairs
    The Ministry of Community Affairs and Culture is working towards setting up new possibilities for Pacificans, such as roleplay, festivals and events. This is all understand the fairly new leadership of USS Merrimack.

  • Integration
    The Department of Integration is working on integrating new citizens into Pacifica.

  • Foreign Affairs
    The Foreign Affairs Department has been recently working towards gaining ties with Roleplay based regions, in an effort with the Community Affairs Ministry, to expand role play possibilities for Pacifica members. Alongside this, the department has been recruiting members for the Diplomatic Corps, filling our embassies full of life. The Department's recently appointed head is Toerana (Me!)

  • Military Affairs
    The Department of Military Affairs, with their new Secretary of Qwabour Harbour, has been working on expand the Pacifica Republic Armada, partaking in the liberation of St Abbaddon and partaking in ANTIFA raids, which Pacifica recently joined.

  • WA Affairs
    The Department of World Assembly Affairs, under its new head, Kostrorleauny, is working on advising Pacifica on how to vote in the World Assembly, possibly giving Pacifica a new uniting force, of World Assembly members.

  • Guardians
    The Guardians have been founded by Cormactopia Prime, a force to keep Pacifica safe in times of instability and insecurity, such as when the founder collapses due to a multitude of reasons. The members of the Guardians are USS Merrimack, also the Chair of the Guardians, Everland republic, the former delegate, and Toerana, the Foreign Affairs Secretary. It is hoped that the Guardians will never have to see action, but they are ready in an instance of national security.

Anti-Griefing Policy

    In recent days, questions have been raised regarding Pacifica's opposition to unjustified regional destruction. To avoid causing any disputes with our diplomatic partners or fodder for our enemies, we wish to make our policy clear. The Republic of Pacifica is in fact opposed to unjustified acts of regional destruction against regions with active native communities. Such acts include the ejection or ban of natives from their regions, the imposition of regional passwords without disclosure to all natives, or the refounding of regions without native consent. To be clear, Pacifica is not a defender region, and in foreign policy we don't deal in moral absolutes. We recognize that there are cases in which such tactics can be justified, such as in the prosecution of a justly declared war or against fascist regions, among other examples. As an independent region, we will autonomously make determinations regarding justification for such tactics, or whether an active native community exists in a particular region, on a case by case basis. When our diplomatic partners are contributing to an invading force with destructive intent, if time permits we will endeavor to make such determinations in communication with them so they may, if they wish, make their case for the justified use of such tactics.

    It must be made clear going forward, however, that the Republic of Pacifica will work against such unjustified acts of regional destruction whenever they occur, as robustly as we are able, and no matter which regions are involved in carrying out the destructive acts. When possible, we will contribute to military liberation of regions threatened with these acts of destruction, including under circumstances in which destructive intent or the lack of such intent can't be reasonably determined. We will also take diplomatic action via the WA Security Council to prevent such acts of destruction, by sponsoring and voting for liberation resolutions to prevent imposition of regional passwords. Finally, we will reach out to native communities and encourage them to take countermeasures designed to thwart acts of regional destruction, both preemptively and during active invasions.

    Each of our diplomatic partnerships has been established because we have found some cultural, diplomatic, or military common ground with the partner region in question. We value our diplomatic partnerships, especially our partners in the Anti-Pacific Coalition, and we respect differences in views between us on these and other matters. We ask in return that our diplomatic partners respect our independence and understand that while we are willing to work with them on other endeavors, we will not sacrifice the independent pursuit of our regional values and interests. We emphasize that we have nothing but respect for our diplomatic partners and their sovereignty, including the sovereign exercise of military force as they see fit, provided such exercise of force doesn't include unjustified acts of regional destruction. We look forward to building upon the common ground we have already found and continuing to maintain strong relations with all of our diplomatic partners.

    /s/ Cormac Skollvaldr
    President of the Republic of Pacifica

    A More compressed version is Linkhere

Judicial Branch

  • Chief Justice
    Pacifica potet was nominated and voted in as the Chief Justice of Pacifica. This establishes a new, independent, Judicial Branch to review cases and give people a fair trial, should they be found of breaking Pacifica Law.
    More Detail can be found in the act, located as well as the Criminal code of Pacifica, located Linkhere

Declaration of War upon the New Pacific Order

Pacifica voted unanimously in favour of declaring war upon the New Pacific Order (the Pacific), with the largest voter turnout seen this month, of 15.
The Declaration is located Linkhere

This goes in accordance with Pacifica's Anti Fascist Policy, which can be found here:
This is a list of Legislature that has been passed by the the Pacifican Regional Congress.

The Pacifica

January Update