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Roleplay of the New West Indies

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The Union of Nations

This thread is for nations who enjoy talking international politics in The Union of Nations

War/Military Thread

Where nations may war each other, if they so choose

National Sports Thread

Where nations may roleplay their national sports

General Roleplay



Roleplay Guidelines & Ideas

This gives an outline for how role-playing is conducted in the New West Indies and guidance for role-play in general

Rules of War

This toolbox is how the region conducts war this system is subject to changes

World Map

Outlines the placement of all nations is as it sounds

Current Roleplay

General Information


Current Roleplay

Outlines information about our current roleplay canon

Power and Technology Index

Describes the relative power of each nation based on their technology level and influence

Space Claims

All space claims and other space-related information (besides businesses) can be found here

Alliances, Treaties, and Political Organizations

All of the entanglements, political or otherwise

Current Battles [Not Updated]

This reference outlines the current battle(s) taking place, if applicable

International Corporations

All international firms can be found here

Business Analysis

Includes market descriptions, power, and prices of all major industries

National Currencies

Here you can find currencies, symbols, and exchange rates



Suebian-European War

A massive European war that plagued the continent in 2139

Alien Intrusion

Ongoing alien obstruction of global affairs




Guide to Economics

Information about supply and demand phenomena

Upkeep provided by the Secretary of Administration
Created: February 6, 2019
Last Updated: July 5, 2019

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