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Foreign Policy of Solariia

The Foreign Agency for the
Galactic Republic
of Solariia

State Symbol

Agency Overview

September 8th, 2018

Executive Agency

Solariian Federal Government

Autropolis Building, Astromis,
Aureus, Solarii System

· 24,000 Foreign Service Employees
· 13,000 Civil Service Employees
· 60,000 Local Employees

Annual Budget
· ☉217.6 Billion

Agency Executives
· Executive Foreign Minister
Norbert Stettin
· Deputy Foreign Minister
Yoichi Yoshitora

Internet TLD

The Solariian Foreign Agency is the federal executive department that advises the Supreme Chancellor and conducts international relations. Equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries, it was established on September 8th, 2018. The incumbent Executive Foreign Minister is Norbert Stettin and the Deputy Foreign Minister is Yoichi Yoshitora.

The Foreign Agency's duties include implementing the foreign policy of Solariia, operating the nation's diplomatic missions abroad, negotiating treaties and agreements with foreign entities, and representing Solariia in the World Assembly. It is led by the Executive Foreign Minister, a member of the Executive Cabinet of the Supreme Chancellor. In addition to administering the agency, the Executive Foreign Minister serves as the nation's chief diplomat and representative abroad. The Executive Foreign Minister is the first official in the order of precedence in the Chancellor's line of succession.

The Foreign Agency is headquartered in the Autropolis Building which is north of the Solariian capital building.

The foreign policy of Solariia is its interactions with foreign nations and how it sets standards of interaction for its organizations, corporations and system citizens of the nation.

The officially stated goals of the foreign policy of Solariia, including all the Bureaus and Offices in the Solariian Foreign Agency, as mentioned in the Foreign Policy Agenda of the Foreign Agency, are "to erect and maintain a more democratic, secure, and prosperous universe for the benefit of the Solariian people, denizens of Autropolis and her allies." In addition, the Foreign Agency states as some of its jurisdictional goals: "export controls, measures to foster commercial interaction with foreign nations and to safeguard Solariian business abroad; international commodity agreements; international education; and protection of Solariian citizens abroad and expatriation." Solariian foreign policy and foreign aid have been the subject of much debate domestically.

Division of Power

Powers of the Supreme Chancellor

The Executive Foreign Minister of Solariia negotiates and typically enacts treaties with foreign nations except where the approval of the Supreme Chancellor is exacted.

Powers of the Cabinet

The Supreme Chancellor's Cabinet is has the authority to declare war and write the civilian and military budget, giving it vast power in military action and foreign aid.


More information on the Solariian Galactic Armed Forces

Mutual Defense Agreements

Solariia is a founding member of the Autropolan Aerospace Defense Directorate. The alliance of three, through mutual military interests, agreed to cooperate in the collective defense of Autropolis. During the preliminary phase of N-Daył, the Directorate was expanded and began operations in foreign regions. Ultimately it cooperated with Forest and the Canopy Command, headed by Solariia, which served as a Commander in the faction.

Solariia has military treaties with:

· Dakrov
· Navigator