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Prime Minsitry Regulations Law, 2019


Prime Minister: Hiram Land
Prime Minister Delegate: His Excellency, Jakobus van Slooten (SOCLAB) (D)
94183 Milhouse Avenue, Greenfield, HL GJ3 H8F

Esteemed UNOE Parliament Delegates,

The Prime Ministership in this Region is a powerful role in the Region. Without the Prime Ministership, the Founder role and select ministers would have the main role to lead the Region. Therefore we believe that the Prime Ministership should be regulated to keep the democracy in the UNoE active, fair and free.


The Prime Ministership should have the ability to keep the already given powers stated by the Constitution. The Parliament has the right to impeach the Prime Ministership when they prove to break the powers given, or break any regional law. This article hereby requests that:

  • The Prime Ministership must take a oath of office, herein stated of "I, and my delegates, of the people of [nation], declare that we will honour and defend the Constitution of the United Nations of Earthlings, and that I am responsible for the actions when given the power. So help me God..


The Prime Ministership must have open transparency in the acts that they do. Transparency leads to a open and fair Prime Ministership, and it leads to the same stuff in the Region. Along with this, Executive Orders are allowed to be issued, but they must be reviewed by Parliament and the High Justice. This article hereby states:

  • The Prime Ministership must give out any information requested, unless they are military secrets, or secrets that may damage the Region.

  • The information must not be given out to any other regions, unless they are allied with us. If they are not allied with us, they must be reviewed and requested why they need the information, and what they will do with the information.

Article II(b):

  • The Prime Ministership is allowed to pass Executive Orders, to take effect after it has been carefully reviewed.

  • The High Justice and Parliament must review the Executive Order requested carefully and thoroughly. If it breaks any constitutional law or regional law, it must be sent back for a rewrite.

  • Once it has been approved, Parliament must approve it by a simple majority. Any nation in Parliament is allowed to dispute the Executive Order in a civil lawsuit presided by the High Justice.

  • Executive Orders, once approved by Parliament, and without any lawsuits, will take effect the week after Parliament approves it.

  • Executive Orders are directives issued by the Prime Ministership that manages operations of the regional government and has the force of law. Therefore it should be treated as such.

  • Executive Orders will expire when either Parliament votes to make it expire, or when it has been 2.5 months.


  • This law will take effect from when Parliament approves the law.

  • The current Prime Ministership will be affected from this law, when it is approved, from the 16th of February.

The UNoE Prime Ministership has allowed this law to pass into the Parliament, and is needed for the regulation of the Prime Ministership.

Written at the Office of the UNOE Prime Ministry Representative, 9392 Mark's Avenue, Ramvarkistan, Oostwaards, HL G5G JG3, on this day, the Twenty Fifth of the First Month of the Nineteenth Year of the Second Millenium.

The Republic of Hiram Land