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Valsora (Nova Columbia's Map)

It's recently become a trend to give your land to others or reserve them for new-comers only. While this is quite understandable and helps for worldbuilding, Valsora could use all the space it can get.

Therefore, a new rule is instigated by Nova, and approved by me.

You cannot give your land or reserve your land for anyone. Once you leave, your land is free game.
This does not mean that anyone can just expand and colonize your land. I am unsure what Nova will do when they get the map back, but long as I have this map, I'll not accept any claims expanding on recently unclaimed/left land.

The only exceptions to this will be the lands of Merlovich and Danelaw Scandinavia, and any land that was directly given to another player. This is because this rule wasn't in force/existing before, so it would be unfair to them. And by "new" players, we mean completely new roleplayers who haven't roleplayed in Valsora at all.


Valsora: 2025
Est. October 8th 2018



In order to claim a spot on the Valsora map, follow this process:

  • Decide what you want your nation will be. This is the first process of making a claim, as it will impact several key decisions. Do some worldbuilding. It doesn't have to be super in-depth, just think of the basic cultural values of your nation.

  • Once you have a basic understanding of your nation, compare its culture with that of cultures in the real world. Try to figure out what culture it most closely resembles.

  • Match this culture with the culture of one of the continents on the map. If your culture is generally similar to Western European ideals, then you will be on Nonscio. If your culture is generally similar to Western European ideals, but is particularly inspired by Germanic culture, you will likely fit in on Araseos. If your nation is similar to Slavic or Eastern European culture, it will be on Yastreovakia. If your nation is Asian or Eastern themed, then it belongs on Orientalis. Finally, if you are one of the few nations to utilize African or Middle Eastern culture, then you will be among the small number of native Usnistanian nations.

  • Finally you are ready to send a telegram to the Cartographer, currently Nova-Columbia, detailing your nation, where it will be located, and why it will be located there. Exceptions can be made, but they are rare. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, please include a picture with your claim. This prevents confusing exchanges as the Cartographer attempts to decipher where exactly your nation will be, how large it is, and the shape of the borders. Additionally, there are a few optional additions that can only be added with an image claim. Namely, these are a capital city and internal borders.

  • Finally, why not join our Discord Server? It's just one click away, and it's where you can easily talk to the management of the map.



Technology on Valsora is based in the very near future, with few exceptions. For example, you can have spaceships, and these spaceships can be more advanced than something like the Space Shuttles. You can even put guns on these spaceships and call them warships. However, no nation can have a massive space armada will laser guns and energy shields. Essentially, before introducing a technology, ask yourself one basic question. "Is this something that could hypothetically be developed within the next 50 years?" If you are unsure, just ask around, and people will have no trouble helping you out.


- Railguns: Railguns are beginning to enter more mainstream use, but are still plagued with several problems. From their massive power requirements, to their relatively slow fire rate, a wide range of problems has prevented the use of large caliber railguns in anything beyond fixed defensive fortifications and the largest of naval capital ships.

- Lasers: TBC

- Mechs: Mechs are still in the very early stages of development. Mechs utilizing four legs or more have proven to be a stable, albeit slow alternative to caterpillar tracks, and have entered limited use. Mechs utilizing three legs or less have thus far been less reliable, and the only truly succesful model thus far has been the Zaku's of Demiurges



Space Travel:

- FTL Drives: No FTL drives have been developed or gone anywhere past theoretical concepts.

- Colonization: Colonization is limited to small, enclosed settlements. Additionally, you must consult the Cartographer before attempting to establish a colony, to ensure that the standards of realism are maintained.


Expansion is handled on a case by case basis by the cartographer. If you feel you have a claim you wish to submit, send a telegram to the Cartographer. To handle expansion in a

Godmodding: TBC


Because of frequent godmodding, unclear rules and definitions, and the confusing proliferations of technologies, stats used, and time, this is a proposed ruleset to solve these serious and frequent issues. Given the widespread and vocal request for rules, it is in the interest of the RMB to officially set the main rules of the RP.


Godmodding is defined as breaking the established rules of the RP, controlling the actions of another player, or breaking the laws of reason or physics to gain an advantage over another player. Godmodding can also take the form of Metagaming, defined as using information available OOC, but not IC. Another form of this is moves without giving the other player the ability to respond, often detrimentally. This is BANNED, and is liable to get you VOIDED
OOC: Actions that occur out of roleplay. This means one on one conversation that can affect you in real life. Emotions.
OOC should have no effect on RP, besides from planning.
IC: Is any roleplay action or statement. Should have NO EFFECT on a person's emotions OOCily. As In-Character means, the person is acting as their character/person/nation/organization and thus should not involve OOC conflicts into the roleplay.


RP is about creating a fun and engaging story with your counterpart. Almost every RP issue cones from thinking it's about winning, not having fun with your partner. Fun and storyline is far more important then "winning" or "losing" your RP, and that should be kept in mind.
Technology and Weapons

All technology in mainstream RP shall be capped at 2030. This provides a balanced atmosphere, and prevents nations from using inherently unfair weapons against a less advanced nation. Restricted technology includes;
Laser and beam weapons.
Mechs with exceeding speed and agility. (Exceptions can be made if they can be proved not to give an overwhelming edge.)
Any sort of gravity control, time manipulation, or other future technology that is not likely to be available in the immediate future.
AI, cloning, etc, are available in very limited amounts.
Restricted modern weapons
Nuclear weapons are restricted, and capped at 50 kilotons.
-Note, restricted in this sense refers to three things. Nuclear weapons must be able to be countered (shot down) they cannot be deployed more then five times in a war, and the size cap.
Railguns and other experimental concepts are to be expensive and rare.
Cyberwarfare is to be kept within the bounds of logic, and should require significant prep and vulnerability of the enemy.
Bioweapons and genetic manipulation.
Orbital bombing, starship, etc, are banned.
All other WMDs are banned.

The goal of these caps is to balance RP around the average modern military. You can do nearly anything, physically possible or not, if it is balanced around modern equipment. For example, you can have landships, magic, etc, if they have drawbacks and if their power is roughly equivalent to their modern cost equivalent.


Alliances are to be limited in size to ten or below, to prevent extremely large alliances from choking out RP. Alliances ideally should have less then seven members, to foster closeness between members.

New nations are exempt from wars, or predatory practices, until a two week period is up. This grace period is null and void if a war is declared by the new nation. This is calculated from the time they join RP, not founding.
Military, size, economy, resources.

As it stands, military size should not exceed 3% of the population available to you. This is due to the extreme strain that militaries place as a segment of the population. (WIP)

NS stats are no longer canon. This includes population. Your population should be a realistic estimate based on map size and location.


Voiding is the act of removing the voided object from RP canon. It is typically used when a nation has persistently godmodded, or has godmodded in a post. It can also be used to remove posts or elements of a post, that have clearly violated RP rules.

When a nation has godmodded, assuming there is clear evidence of it, the posts in question can be voided by the other participant in the RP. This allows the RP to continue, while clearing out the issue. When voiding, a concise reason should be given for the voiding, to help the other player learn from their mistakes.
If a nation godmods frequently, or is troublesome during RP. A role-play officer (Osterreich und Ungarn, The Angel of Charity, Zukchiva, Shavara) can void them from mainline RP. Afterwards, any action they do is not canon to the mainstream RP.


The current canon map is Valsora, by Nova-Columbia. Currently updated by Zukchiva, it is preferable have a claim in Valsora to RP in the main timeline.


TEP EVOLVED; Official roleplay discussion server, their RMB section is dead currently though. Have great resources and advice.

OFFICE OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS; RMB RP dedicated discussion server, gets a bit messy.

Read factbook

The Suiliasystem:

Suiliasystem Map

In the vast twirls of matter and emptiness lies a star. One of many but the one and only provider of the only known planet to bear life in a cold, desolate, beautiful universe; her name is Sulia. She is a star billions of years old, though she is young compared to her peers in her galaxy of Galileo. Her passionate fury and flames make her temperatures rise up to 5.7 thousand Kelvin; yet, she is careful to give only her best light and softest warmth to her children. Sulia is known to bathe herself and her surroundings in a splendor of colors ranging from bright purple to burning blue to brighten up the Suliasystem and the life she watches over. She is a burning pillar of strength in the darkness.
Description written by Zukchiva
Salibe, a warm planet, covered in a dense, swirling mist. A rotating cloud belt swathes the planet in a soft grey pallette, and the tips of mountains poke out tantalizingly, forming swirls of turbulence in the clouds. A dense magnetic field protects the planet from the rays of the sun, making it seem temptingly suitable for life. A rocky belt, with one moon, surround it, along with metallic shards and glittering clouds of fragments of crystal. This results in brilliant rings, that shift and break apart over time, before returning to their natural place in what is reminiscent of a slow dance.
Description written by The Angel of Charity
The Belt of Tears:


Continental Map


Regional Map

Formosan Archipelago:
Western Antarctia:
Central Antarctia:
Eastern Antarctia:

Ocean Map

Furens Ocean:
Exteriorem Ocean:
Interiorem Ocean:
Pacalis Sea:
Norlany Sea:
Susurrus Sea:

Political Map

Solid Color: Indicates full ownership and claim is recognized by most or all countries on Valsora.
Diagonal Stripes: Indicates land disputes. (Base color is original claimaint, stripe color is new claimaint.)
Uniformally Dispersed Dots: Indicates the balkanized states, owned by New Wisconsin and Terrabithia.
Rhombus/Diamond: Indicates a city located within a country. (Often is the capital of a nation.)
Perforated Lines: Shows a territory of an organization. (Does not act as a state or nation. Example: terrorists.)

AOC = Angel of Charity
NC = Nova-Columbia
KMP = Kampf
HUR = Holy Utopian Republic
OU = Osterreich Und Ungarn
NWE = New Wisconsin Empire
NT = New Terabithia (as Terreich und Preussen)
TU = Tenkyoku
ARP = Arpino
FTR = Felter
WSH = Wersh
UAU = The United Neo American Union
SHV= Shavara (as San Sierra) United Socialist Republics)
SNA = Shinnokawa
USR = Union of Socialist Russia
ZUK = Zukchiva
USSA = United Syndicalist States of America
FRD = Fetudersialand
LIB = Libertanny
AIE = Arabian Imperial Empire
CCC = The Communist Commonwealth
IFE = ImperFeudal
GTE = Great Tea Empire
TDS = The Death Syndicate
TRG = The Real Underground
LRI = Lerasi
EPM = The Exteriorem Piracy Movement
ABN = Ancorbristan
CLP = Chile-Paraguay
UAU = The United Neo American Union
FES = Federal Easarion State
PLZ = Plazland
MYA = New Maiya
KO = Kerlodia
NA = Newark Aristocracy
PI = The Peace Islands
MA = Malairtia
VL = Volinovia
PAL = Prez Abraham Lincoln