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Distorting Conventional Political Classifications.

The 9-category classification system for nations utilised in this continuity has long been a source of disgruntlement for me as my grandiose ideals for nations repeatedly fell outside of what the set framework could meaningfully accommodate. Unsurprisingly, the intended nature of my nations isn't something that can meaningfully acknowledged by the nation classifications nor the issues we have to deal with on a regular basis.
As such, I have decided to write this little dispatch explaining exactly what each of my nations is intended to be. I might even add pictures at some point in future if I feel so inclined.


Point Blob

My original creation. There are other places to list my original intentions behind this nation, but what it developed into over time was something rather different, and my vision for it has solidified with the shaping.
As of this moment, it carries the classification of Civil Rights Lovefest. While this isn't 100% inaccurate, any visitors to this grand and insane nation would be horrified to discover the reality of the situation. Not least because, for some bizarre reason, issues have resulted in a freakishly high "Averageness" rating for this nation, and conversely a low "Ideological Radicality" rating... which is frankly deranged, since Point Blob is easily the most insanely weird of my nations.

Point Blob is a vastly technologically advanced nation, focused primarily on concepts of individual / personal freedom. It was initially founded literally as a weapons testing ground for advanced arms technology and a haven for mad scientists. Death itself has been conquered with the aid of vat technology, allowing citizens to respawn shortly after death. It is perfectly legal for citizens to kill each other for any or no reason whatsoever... and given the respawn vats, this has resulted in a culture with a very casual attitude to death, where a headshot with a railgun is much like a playful slap on the back might be elsewhere.
The role of Gelatinous Dodecahedron is ostensibly "democratic", but the role usually goes to the guy with the most effective weaponry, which usually means the developer of the most effective weaponry with the most active users. The ruling party is effectively the one with the highest kill-count... and they tend to come down hard on any systematic change which would interfere with their experimental utopia.
Social equality is effectively enforced not out of any concern for anyone's suffering, but because standard conditions must be maintained for scientific experiment. Citizens are allowed to hate each other for whatever reason they please and act upon it, as long as they don't try to enact any kind of social reform that would disrupt the greater purpose of the nation. Counter-experimental collective action is frowned upon.
Religion isn't strictly illegal, but has effectively gone all but extinct and is generally regarded as insanity in a land where every person is a god unto themselves and death is ephemeral.

Internationally, Point Blob is just as aggressive as it is at home. It is the general opinion of the senior government that in many regards, Point Blob itself has rendered itself too deviant from human norms to serve its original purpose in many regards. As such, it is common for WMDs to be tested liberally on other nearby nations in the hopes of getting data on how effectively they defend themselves, how they react to the action, etc. Retaliation is not feared for the simple reason that the vast majority of nations are as helpless to defend themselves against Point Blob weapons (or even understand what is happening) as a fruit-fly is against a Biology undergrad.
There is usually nothing personal in these attacks, but any additional incentive to choose one target over another tends to result in the list of test-targets being rearranged.

And for the record, Point Blob's vibrant countryside is less a result of deliberate environmental protection, and more a consequence of mad biology run amok. Much of the plant-life is carnivorous, aggressively invasive, toxic, or all of the above. Most of the fauna has been displaced by the amorphous blobs that originally gave the region its name, and can consume basically anything and everyone.
This is a factor largely because my focus has been on arms development primarily, and somewhere along the way this got tied to anything and everything environmental, which makes no sense and I've had to make excuses for it. But stranger yet, Death Rate is also connected inversely to environmental matters. As such, despite my attempts to keep the Death Rate high (given killing off the population was the original purpose), it has plummeted, and my attempts to raise it back up again have had all sorts of consequences of their own to be mentioned later.


Privilege Check

This nation was destroyed by the tyrants in power.
RIP to my satire of the modern left.


Final Cure

My choice of flags aside, Final Cure is a direct product of the zombie apocalypse event. I made it to be a puppet nation to generate "cure missiles". And almost immediately it took on a life of its own.
It represents "the government" in any zombie apocalypse scenario. Walled up and quarantined in an impregnable fortress, vigilant against anyone trying to get in and out, shooting any suspected "infected" on sight. Absolute totalitarian control. In practice it has ended up classified as a Psychotic Dictatorship, though amusingly I use the Conservative NS skin for it, and it is relabelled as Communist Dictatorship, which isn't exactly far off the mark.

It has yielded some unusual results in regards to issues and the like... not least since, much like Point Blob, they aren't made to accommodate the unusual context of the nation. Since it utterly disacknowledges any claims of life outside its own borders as being anything other than a zombie-infested hellscape, any issues pertaining to other nations or immigration are generally treated as vicious lies perpetuated by desperate bands of survivors, and responded to either with aggressive offensive action or defensive action.
Since the nation exists with the primary purpose of ridding the world of the zombie plague and repopulating it with healthy humans, I understandably focus on matters of health, healthcare and life expectancy when running the nation. A complete opposite to Point Blob. And in typical irony, in complete opposite to Point Blob, I struggle endlessly to keep the Death Rate from rising and Life Expectancy from dropping. NS seems to have got the strange idea that I want people dead just because this is a totalitarian control regime and people are regularly vanished (for brainwashing, not death) on account of deviant behaviour, so it likes to raise the Death Rate for just about everything. This couldn't be further from the truth. No citizen is allowed to die in Final Cure. All healthy humans are required for repopulation... whether they want it or not. Criminals are reprogrammed and returned to the population as upstanding citizens. Suicide is illegal. Euthanasia is illegal.
The Reclamation Administrator, again in defiance of NS's expectations, is less interested in exploiting people for personal gain nor glory and more a single-minded zealous devotion to curing the plague and reclaiming civilisation.

I only hope some day I will be able to get Final Cure's death rate below that of Point Blob again, and its Healthcare maybe above that of Privilege Check (though it seems a lofty and distant goal). Now if only I would stop getting issues implying people had the right (or even the cultural inclination) to protest or even have opinions on how the nation is run. Nobody is allowed to have opinions in Final Cure. A lot of reprogramming is needed...


The Wretched

My fourth and presently final nation, and curiously the answer to the Death Rate problem.
I created The Wretched because I was sick and tired of Death Rate dropping in Point Blob despite my efforts to keep it high... and rising in Final Cure despite my efforts to keep it low. In my mind, Domination and Destruction are two separate, mutually exclusive paths. Someone who wants to control the people would need the people to be alive to be controlled... while someone interested only in killing people would have no interest in controlling them. While Final Cure makes some bizarre level of sense since the deaths can be attributed to the zombie apocalypse scenario, I wanted to see whether I could defeat both the paradoxical nonsense lowering of Death Rate in Point Blob and the false correlation between control and destruction inherent in Final Cure. The Wretched was made to be my path of destruction. Death Rate + Freedom at all costs.
So I made it as Anarchy.

This answered a question that had been bothering me for a long time: Why did Point Blob never shift to Anarchy? It seems it is the issue of Capitalism. According to the insanity of NS classification, Anarchy is not the ultimate extreme of Civil and Political rights... but the extreme result of Capitalism. This strikes me as insultingly nonsensical since all capitalist organisations function on a hierarchical power structure, and thus are necessarily NOT anarchic... but whatever.

Anyhow... the concept for The Wretched formed itself quite neatly. For the sake of maintaining the "anarchy" status, I had to base it around capitalist ideals, which naturally meant the whole nation devolved into insanity pretty quickly... and in a way that increasingly made The Wretched look like the opposite of Privilege Check (i.e. a Right-Libertarian dystopia in opposition to the Left-Authoritarian "utopia"). BUT at least I confirmed that promoting industry and capitalism at the expense of the environment and safety results pretty firmly in rising Death Rate (actually killing people, however, does not, and usually results in lowered Civil Rights).
The only sticking point are situations where workers rights come into play, and whether I'll end up raising or lowering Civil Rights by siding with the employees or the companies (since the nation has slipped into "Capitalizt" a few times)... Honestly, any situation where I'm only given the choice between "Ban A" and "Ban B" tends to result in dismissed issues. I don't want to control the nation. The entire point of The Wretched now is that it is an utter hell-hole left to implode under its own overwhelming negligence and incompetence. A wretched hive of scum and villainy chasing after immediate gratification at the expense of any long-term prospects.


Anyway... yes.

In short...

Point Blob is a Sci-Fi MMOFPS / mad science playground.
Privilege Check was a feminist/LGBTQwhatever/antifa paradoxical "utopia".
Final Cure is the last remains of human civilisation after a zombie apocalypse.
The Wretched is what happened when the villains from Captain Planet won.

The Amorphous Mass of Point Blob