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Wild Hunt, Secession and the Trading Cards

Quite a few years ago, I used to be based in The Rejected Realms along with my alts.
It was mostly quiet and uneventful, though sometimes there were... disagreements with other nations. I didn't much like it there, but mostly remained for the sake of having been there for years.
There was a... Halloween Incident though. In short, a few resident trolls in the Rejected Realms decided to make my attempts at the event an absolute hell to the point where I evacuated all my nations to a region called Secession. I set it up with one of my alts in a hurry, password-locked it and used it as a staging outpost for a campaign of revenge against the trolls in the Rejected Realms.

Anyhow... since I'd already left and lost the Stationary bonus for being in the same place for years, I figured there was no real reason why I would bother going back after the event was done. Apparently a few were surprised that I'd not simply dismissed the campaign of focused trolling and harassment against me as anything more than a trivial jest... while others just laughed and mocked me, even for a long while afterwards. It made me all the more determined not to subject myself to their idiotic presence any more. I mostly broke contact and went into isolation in Secession for a few years.

... Cut to more recently. I missed the original trading card event entirely. In the typical, annoying nature of a great many NationStates events, it happened in a very small space of time when I wasn't actively on the site. One moment it was upcoming and the next it was over (like the last halloween event, which seemed to have been and gone overnight without my even realising). BUT the trading cards themselves persisted, and eventually got implemented as a permanent feature... with each nation represented by a snapshot of the nation during the event. I checked the cards, and noticed something that bothered me... Two of my nations had "Ultra Rare" cards, one poor nation only achieved "Rare" status, while another got "Epic". The snag was that the "Epic" card was my alt, and founding nation of Secession, Privilege check.

Having read that these are merely the Season 1 card and that the next card Season will be set in April or suchlike, I decided I had to do what I could to increase the status of my main nation. All other factors had proven insufficient to raise my oldest nation above "Ultra Rare", and left it in an inferior position to a satirical alt. Since I am unwilling to inflict the tyrannical cancer of the "World Assembly" on my main, and retain Privilege Check as my sole WA nation on the grounds that it is... in-keeping with the character of said nation to be a WA Member (though it disgusts me on a regular basis)... the only appropriate course of action was to refound my collective region with Point Blob as the Founder and Privilege Check relegated to a secondary member. If I'm particularly unlucky, this will only result in the latter being downgraded to "Ultra Rare" and the former remain the same... though I've also taken some other measures towards fixing the situation. As an aside, I've also been attempting to gain an Easter Egg icon for Final cure so as to raise it up from its lowly status as a mere "Rare" card. Apparently it was enough for The Wretched, which gained a few by accident due to my setting the national animal as "Ghost" ... but I am digressing...

Anyway... that is how and why Wild Hunt was founded.
I might even consider removing the password at some point now that I'm confident the region can't be raided (I checked the rules and apparently both having an active Founder nation and depowering the WA Delegate role can render a region impervious to raiders).

As such I imagine someone might come here some day and attempt to mock me for this. It is usual of people to do such things, but I'm not ashamed of anything I've done (else I wouldn't bother mentioning it here). This is simply recorded for posterity, I guess.