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Constitution: WIP

Assembled in the Pickett's Crossing State House on the Eve of the Seventh Moon in our faith's fifth hundred-year, presenting due tidings to our creator, the Divine One in all Its supreme majesty, we, the constituent representatives of this humble convening, do hereby present the following, by and with the advice and consent of His Eminence, the Most Reverent Grand Patriarch of the Polatilian Faith, Friedrich VII, King of Gragastavia, duly-anointed by the Divine One to enact Its designs upon the affairs and realms of mortal men, as a testament to our distinguished faith through which we thus intend to derive the precise nature of the dominion that our just steward sought to impose upon us, that we might yield to our creator and heed Its guiding hand in the establishment of a dominion in our own right, to bear the burdens of the pious, and seek above all else to serve the Divine One in setting forth into the world the foundation of our new nation.

I. We thus style this nation "The United Provinces of Skartok";
II. That it shall be composed of the provinces of North Karimek, South Karimek, Shoreditch, Ravensfield, Valthamia, Eastbridge, Pevensey, Croswaria, Granmont, Halstonia, and Carisborough, the Saflorian Commonwealth, and the unincorporated northern reaches, pending the affirmation of each province, and that Pickett's Crossing shall become the capitol, separate from North Karimek, such that the affairs of government are not conducted on land beholden to alien influence;
III. That the independence and self-determination of each province is assured, such that that the administration of provincial law departs not with the administration of national law, the provisions of this document notwithstanding;