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Derikan Weaponry and Equipment


Heat Missile

The Heat Missile is only major weapon Derika has, besides nuclear warheads. The Heat Missile is a one of a kind missile. When the missile makes contact with any form of solid, heat expands from the warhead. The expanded heat then burns anything in it's path. The heat then completely covers the entire planet. Derika has tested this weapon on a lifeless asteroid. It takes around 30 full minutes to cover an entire planet the size of Earth. A secondary function has been developed, however. If anyone tries to shoot down the missile, a sort of 'fireball' shoots out from the missile top. It is less devastating then the main missile itself, but is still powerful.

Project 99

Project 99 has no official name. The chemicals are stored in a small container. It is a biological weapon, that is deployed into the enemy water supply. The container then releases the chemicals into the water. Once it has entered a human body, it makes the organs shut down within minutes. It is also virtually tasteless.

Infantry Weapons


The X-94 is an assault weapon designed by Acre Industries. It has a clip of 40 plasma rounds, and a heat sensor. This is the most common assault weapon in the field.


The L-3 is a Heavy Machine Gun, but is surprisingly maneuverable. It holds a 1,000 round magazine, and it barley jams. As the main concern of it is overheating, that is what the new designs have helped with. The new overheating time is a remarkable 1.9 seconds (On average)


The AC-29 is the missile launcher of the Army. It can either hold plasma shells (Although very small) or regular missiles. The normal variant has a heat-tracker.


The FH-28 is the most reliable sidearm the Derikan Military has at the moment. It has a clip size of 12 plasma rounds. The regular model has a heartbeat sensor. Almost every single soldier has this sidearm.


The M-77 is a sniper rifle, but utilizes anti-armor bullets instead of the traditional plasma cartridges used in all other Derikan weapons. It has a clip of 8, and can reach a range of 2 miles without losing accuracy.


K-4 Nightstalker

The K-4 Nightstalker is the main artillery piece in the Derikan army. It utilizes a 90mm shell. Usually, however, these weapons are usually used in night time bombardments. (Hence the name, Nightstalker.) One of the more unusual things about this artillery piece, is how it can carry 2 shells. When one shell gets fired, the other one moves into the slot. This allows for a continuous bombardment.

K-10 Bombard

The K-10 Bombard is the heavy siege artillery, mainly used against heavy fortifications and large swarms of enemies. They use a 190mm shell. The shell can sometimes hold plasma or chemicals. However, it cannot be transported by a simple truck. It has to be taken down and put back together manually, which can take an hour.

P-44 Plasma Cannon

The P-44 Plasma Cannon is the newest artillery piece in the field. Instead of using shells, the cannon charges itself using plasma. The P-44 is used in all sieges, day or night. They have the latest targeting technology, and can fire one plasma bolt per 2 seconds.

Orbital Defense Cannon

Capable of destroying most ships in one blast, the Orbital Defense Cannon is currently on all colonial planets owned by Derika. They utilize heat to fire a beam at the enemy ships, which either melts the hull or completely destroys the ship. The only major weakness on these cannons is the heating vents on the back, but they have multiple plates of armor and defense cannons on it. These weapons are smaller versions of the Dreadnought cannons called Fireblazers.


The R-88 is the main field gun of the Derikan army. It is highly mobile. Although these cannons can move faster, they are only used when quick defenses are needed.


The Armadillo

The Armadillo is a heavy tank in the Derikan Army. It has heavy armor, but a slow rotating turret. It's armament includes a 275mm cannon and a single .50 cal machine gun. These are the tanks that go through the rubble of destroyed sections of towns and cities. It has a speed of 15 mph.


The M-42 is the light tank of the Derikan army. It is the first tank of it's kind, with repulserlifts instead of treads. It currently as an armament of a 100mm cannon, and a grenade launcher instead of a machine gun.


The E-09, sometimes called the Eagle, is the Main Battle Tank of the Army. It's main weapon is a smaller version of the K-4 Nightstalker. It also has two .75 caliber machine guns. It has a main speed of 45 mph, but cannot handle higher speeds.


The HV-90 is a 'walker' of the army. It stands on 4 Legs and is a menacing sight to see on the battlefield. It has four plasma cannons in the front, two missile launchers in the back, and an automatic AA gun. However, it can hold 15 soldiers.


The NF-145 is a scout walker of the Derikan army. It has semi-light defenses, but can withstand regular plasma rounds and bullets. It has a small grenade launcher on its side, and 4 Light Plasma cannons.


The GDR-1 is a massive walker of the army. It has 8 legs, 10 Heavy Plasma cannons on its front, capacity to hold 45 troops, and a small artillery piece on its top.

Mobile Operational Base

The M.O.B is a mobile base for the Derikan Army. It has 4 crew members, a commander, 3 gunners, and around a squad full of soldiers. It has two automatic machine guns and a main plasma cannon. It also has a storage bay in the bottom containing supplies for a week without resupply. If it's in a firefight, it makes for a great shield, being able to resist multiple artillery and anti-tanks shells.

Aerial Vehicles


The PD-26 is a Probe Droid. It can be used both in space and on the ground. Its armor is semi-light, but it can withstand a few rounds. It's only main defense is a small machine gun on its lower half. Its main purpose is to take photos of any defensive positions.


The D-68 is a Heavy Bomber in the Derikan Orbital Defense. It has a wingspan of 75 feet. It's crew consists of two pilots, a gunner, a bomb operator, and communications officer. It's bomb bay can hold 175 bombs. These bombs can hold explosive plasma cartridges. On the back, it has a manual point-defense cannon, which has two plasma cannons.


The IL-99 is the Heavy Fighter in the Derikan Orbital Defense. It has two point-defense cannons, four plasma cannons, (two on each wing), a small bomb bay, and 8 missiles (4 on each wing).


The S-90, nicknamed the Swordfish, is the main fighter in the Derikan Orbital Defense. It can go a whopping 800 mph. It has two automatic plasma cannons, and an automatic point-defense gun. The plasma cannons recharge instead of reloading, preventing the need to go back to the air base or carrier. It also has two missiles.


The M-22 is the regular bomber of the Derikan Orbital Defense. While these bombers are not as heavy as the D-68, these bombers are only used for missions that require speed. The Heavy Bombers are used in all other combat missions.

H-24 Droid Fighter

The H-24 is a newly made fighter produced by Asar Industries. It has two repeating plasma cannons, and a small bomb compartment that can hold 4 bombs. They require a signal from the Command Ship to operate.


Mark 3's

The MK 3's are the front line droids of the army. They have a small mortar on the back, two .75 caliber machine guns on its wrist, and an electric blade that shoot out from its sleeve. Although they can be controlled manually, they are usually automatic.

Mark 4's

The MK 4's are the newest addition to the Derikan Army. They have upgraded armor and a bigger shield capacity. The mortar is upgraded to hold bigger mortar shells, and their repeating rifle fires 40mm AA rounds. Their armor can withstand certain Anti-Tank rounds, AA, and smaller artillery shells.

Assault Droids

Assault Droids are mass produced droids. Their signals are relayed from a Command Ship in orbit, or from a M.O.B. However, if their signal is relayed from an M.O.B, it cannot activate as many droids. Their armor is very weak (But can withstand bullets), and they are designed to follow and obey all orders.

Imperial Guard Droid

The Imperial Guard Droids are the droid variant of the Royal Guards. They have thick armor, and can withstand a few plasma rounds. They are equipped with an electrostaff. They are usually deployed to defend Governors and Military Governors.

Diplomat Droids

Diplomat Droids are droids sent on diplomatic missions when human diplomats cannot be spared. They are sometimes sent for negotiating the release of P.O.W's and certain trade deals.

Suicide Droids

Suicide Droids are cheaply made droids that are made for one purpose: Damage to morale and large hordes of enemies. Although they are cheap, their speed is greater than normal Assault Droids. They are sent into combat with either a High Explosive or an EMP on their chests.