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Fixing the Issues of the World Assembly - A Sequel


Following my previous dispatch, I have decided to write yet another article. Granted, if you read the previous article you would know I highly disapprove of the World Assembly, and you will see that disapproval in this article. But on this dispatch, I will be discussing the improvements that can be made in this game.
There are two things in this game that is making it so hard to actually enjoy, and those are stamps and the way the WA works.


Stamps are used to send over eight telegrams at once. These telegrams are usually used for either campaigns or recruitment. But the issue arises when you find out stamps cost money. This is creating a pay-to-win system in the game, so people who cannot put money into stamps. Without stamps, you have next to no way to have a successful WA proposal or successfully recruit new members to regions. Trust me, I have sent many telegrams for previous WA proposals manually, it doesn’t work. I burned myself out and still failed to gain enough support. Stamps create corruption as it allows for those who are willing to pay to be successful at this game.

Get rid of stamps altogether. They are creating an atmosphere that says “if you don’t buy stamps, you won’t be successful.” I mean, that is what stamps mean. People with the communications authority should be able to send masses of telegrams without paying for it. To prevent them from abusing power and spamming, this would only apply to telegrams using certain tags and they could only do this after a period of time (preferably one hour.) Otherwise, there should be a limit set on telegrams sent by them for other purposes. People without it should have a limit, but their telegram will not be sent if the limit is broken.
Stamps are how Max Barry makes money from NationStates, but there are other ways he could make money from this game. I know a few people that wouldn’t mind having their nation’s flag on a t shirt or mug.
Now, you are probably wondering “what about the campaign telegrams?” Well, just read what is coming up to know the best possible solution.


For those who don’t know, after you submit a proposal you will need support from 5% of the WA Delegates in NationStates in order for it to get voted on. This is is where campaign telegrams come into play. If one wishes to have an approval, they must send campaign telegrams to all the WA Delegates on this game. Stamps are a necessity at this stage, but stamps cost money and help contribute to the pay-to-win system.

This may seem far fetched, but I have an idea on an improved system. Instead of reaching the 5% needed, there should be a small competition. The submitted proposals will be put to compete with one another, and the proposal with the most approvals after the time of the competition is finished will be voted on (I suggest the time is 3 days.) This will give everyone in the WA an opportunity to succeed, and people will not have to spend money on stamps.


Granted, I know that I will probably not be heard by the people that can make this change, but there is a slight chance. If this gets shared enough by people and enough attention is given, your voice WILL BE HEARD, and we can contribute to making NationStates a better game for all people. I thank you for reading this far, and I hope that you agree with me on this topic.


Pine peaks