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FNF | Embassy Policy

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Embassy Policy

Before applying for an embassy with The Free Nations Region, we encourage that you read through these guidelines and ensure you meet them. Please be aware that meeting these requirements does not mean you will be given an embassy, as the final decision remains up to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Exceptions may be made, at our discretion, for regions not meeting these guidelines.
  • At least 15 WA members

  • Doesn’t harbor fascism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, discrimination of any kind, or activity which is illegal by RL law

  • Doesn’t maintain a standing military which exclusively subscribes to Raider ideology

  • Doesn’t have embassies with The Brotherhood of Malice

  • Qualitatively measurable on platform of choice (discord, forum, RMB, etc.)

  • Stable government with which we can ensure long-lasting diplomacy

Furthermore, certain standards are indications that diplomatic relations with FNR are preferred by our government. These standards, while not required, are encouraged for embassy applicants. This is to say, having them will make your region more desirable as a partner, but not having them will have no bearing on the applicant. The following guidelines are encouraged:

  • Maintains a standing military subscribing to the Defender ideology

  • Maintains a democratic system of governance

  • Has a discord server

To apply for an embassy, please visit Linkour discord server and fill out an embassy application in the Diplomatic Applications channel. Contacting our Minister of Foreign Affairs separately is encouraged. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs can be found here.

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