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Guide To Writing Motions

Guide to Writing and Submitting Motions

What is a Motion

15. A Motion is legislation submitted by a group of 2 Member States, that may be used as follows:

a.To amend or replace this Second Charter of Conifer;

b.To create rules or laws besides the Second Charter of Conifer, without over-ruling it;

c.To establish any new regional institutions or positions aside from officials;

d.To ratify treaties or enter inter-regional organisations or institutions;

e.To, with good intent, remove an official from their position.

f.To amend a 15b/15c Motion or repeal a 15b/15c/15d Motion.

16. All Voting States and Member States shall have the right to vote ‘For’ or ‘Against’ a Motion, with 15a/15e Motions requiring ⅔ approval, and other motions requiring majority approval.
17. 15a Motions shall have a 7 day debate period with 1-2 debating events & a 7 day voting period, whilst all other Motions shall have a 3 day debate period with 1 debating event & a 5 day voting period.

Guide To Writing Motions

This is an example of how a motion should be written or written around the same format
Motion to Enter the Evergreen Ecoprogressive Solidarity Coalition
The Evergreen Ecoprogressive Solidarity Coalition (EESC), being initiated
by Conifer, establishes an interregional body with the ambition to advance
and promote values very close to those of Conifer.
1. Treaty
A. Ratification
In accordance with 4Cg of the First Charter, the Treaty of the Evergreen
Ecoprogressive Society Coalition shall be ratified.
Authored by Capucinn
Sponsored by Vyutsk

Guide To Submitting Motions

As a rule, all Motions must be Submitted on the RMB and #Regional chat of the Discord so that more people may see it and people are able to read it. You will require 2/3' of Conifer to vote in order to PASS the motion if more than two-thirds are against then the motion will be denied and nothing changes.

-Speaker Subadent

The Golden Forest Kingdom of Subadent