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Ambassador Program - How to be an Ambassador

The Foreign Office of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators hereby presents The Ambassador Program!

This dispatch is written for citizens of the Confederation intending to participate in the Ambassador Program. For regions interested in receiving a Confederation ambassador, please click on this link instead.

The Ambassador Program is the first step in furthering relations between the Confederation and the inter-regional community. In this program, a citizen from the Confederation shall be appointed as an ambassador to an assigned region and shall be sent there to act as the official representative of the Confederation within their assigned region.

You might be asking yourself, why would you want to become an Ambassador for the Confederation? Well, you get to experience different cultures, meet new people, and get yourself exposed to the inter-regional community. If you're aiming to build international recognition, participate in the activities of other regions, or just simply explore the different regions of NationStates, being an Ambassador is a great place to start. Besides, isn't serving the Confederation a reward itself?

Now then, you might have steeled your resolve and decided you want to join. But wait, there are requirements to be met:

    1. Residency within the Confederation - Being an ambassador means you have to be a citizen first, and you must have resided within the Confederation for at least 14 days. This ensures that you are familiar with Imperial Law and the etiquette befitting a Confederation citizen. If you aren't, I suggest you read up again!

    2. Active citizen - Whether on NationStates or on Discord, a prospective ambassador should be active, with nation activity at least once every day. This is to ensure that the ambassador is always ready to participate in regional activities, whether in their assigned region or in the Confederation itself.

    3. Proficiency in English - English is the most common language within NationStates, and so it is only appropriate that a prospective ambassador has proficiency in the English language. This is to ensure that they can participate in regional events and activities.

    4. Discord membership - Most of the activities of the Foreign Office are conducted by telegram, but some activities are conducted on Discord. Thus, a prospective ambassador must join the Confederation's Discord server, as well as participate in the Discord activities of their assigned regions.

    5. Puppet master - Okay, maybe not in the way you're thinking. As an ambassador, you might have to be assigned to a region abroad, but I understand that some of you might not be willing to leave our great region. Thus, in order to become an ambassador, you need to be able to create and manage puppet nations. It will be your puppet that will be sent to the assigned region, and your main nation can stay within the Confederation.

Think you fit all of these requirements? Outstanding! Then you just need to apply. However, to ensure that you are worthy of this honorable and dignified role, you need to do the all of the following:

    1. Apply for a government position - Follow the procedures outlined in this dispatch.

    2. Once approved by the Supreme Judiciary, telegram the Foreign Office the same application you sent the Supreme Judiciary, with additional information:

      a. Your Discord username and nickname
      b. Your reason/s for joining the program
      c. Your preferred region of assignment, if any
      d. The name of your puppet (with a link to the puppet)

Once approved, congratulations! You are now an Ambassador of the Confederation!

You are now to be considered the official representative of the Confederation in your assigned region. Your duties and responsibilities may be found in a separate dispatch, which you may view here.

From the Foreign Office of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
For inquiries and questions, send a telegram to The Benevolent Republic of Castelia