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Map of the West Pacific [Official] May 22, 2019

v4.1 - May 22, 2019
This is a large map and may need some time to load. Sorry (not sorry) Mobile Users.

Become a member of the LinkHall of Nations and join the discussion on Linkour Discord server to claim your place on the map. These steps are mandatory for inclusion on the map.

Submit your territorial claim by to the LinkLegendary Map Thread on our Regional Forum once your citizenship application has been accepted.

Monthly activity will determine whether or not your territory expands or contracts. Refer to the attached dispatch for details. Inactive nations will be cannibalized by active nations.

The West Pacific is a meritocracy. In order to make the recognition of merit more concrete, we are instituting a point system. Status points are awarded by The Delegate and are based on your regional activity. They are to be used as an indication of your activity and do not guarantee recognition. The Delegate, Guardians, Ministers and past Delegates are not tracked.

Status Points are awarded as follows:

WA endorsing the Delegate 4
Citizenship 4
Participation in TWPAF 4
Participation in any other ministry 2
Forum activity 2
RMB activity 1
Discord activity 1
Regional activity 1

At the end of each month, any resident whose score is among the top three may have their territory expanded on the regional map. If their score is among the bottom three, they may have their territory diminished. If a nation has their territory expanded and there is no unclaimed area or a diminished nation nearby in which to expand, territory may be removed from The Delegate or one of the past Delegates, as these are devoted to the service of the region.

At the end of a three-month period, any nation whose total score for that three-month period is among the top two may be considered for Endo Cap improvement, Recognition or even Peerage.

Read dispatch

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The west pacific map