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How to win at NationStates

I get asked this every day and it's a good question so I want to share it with all of you.

"Fedele, what is the best way to get involved in The East Pacific, continue on the path of virtue, and one day reach Valhalla?"

Here is your path:

1. Join the World Assembly
World Assembly membership is everything in NationStates. Non-WA member nations are usually just people's extra or spare nations, commonly referred to as "puppets" or "puppet nations". Your World Assembly member nation can vote on World Assembly proposals. These are just like your nation's issues only these are global issues. It also gives you the ability to give and receive endorsements, a gesture of support or camaraderie. The first and most basic step is to join the World Assembly.

2. Endorse the Delegate
The delegate (currently me) is the World Assembly representative who is ultimately entrusted with the security of the region and casting a block vote on behalf of the World Assembly members in our region. Returning power to the members of The East Pacific has been the focus of my term. Part of that has been actively engaging in dialogue with our World Assembly members on matters of our region's security as well as World Assembly proposals. By endorsing our delegate (Fedele), you increase our region's voting power and effectively make your vote count twice. However, you are only able to do that if your nation here in The East Pacific is a member of the World Assembly. If at all possible, have your nation in The East Pacific join the World Assembly and endorse me.

Then, move on to step 3.

3. Become a Citizen
Registered citizens in The East Pacific run the government, vote for the delegate, and vote on referendums. In addition, citizens have a legal protection against unjust ejection or banning from the region and have the ability to have disputes heard by the Conclave, which functions like the Supreme Court of our region. LinkTo become a citizen, register on the forum and then follow the instructions here.

Once you've done this, a lot of doors really open up for you.

So far, we've covered three steps that a person could easily accomplish on their cell phone over a lunch break. This next step takes a bit more time and that's intentional.

4. Join the Magisterium
The Magisterium is the legislative branch of the government. Think of this as the Senate. The Magisters study the laws of The East Pacific, debate, and vote on legislation. It could be said that this is the most powerful body of the government and it is crucial to the well-being of the region that the Magisterium be comprised of committed natives of The East Pacific. For this reason, there are more selective requirements, such as having been a citizen for one month. LinkYou can see the requirements in the application thread here.

I get it. Joining the Magisterium may look like a giant ass pain but it is so important that we have committed members of the East in the Magisterium.

I encourage anyone who meets the requirements to go ahead and Linkjoin the Magisterium and I encourage anyone who doesn't meet the requirements yet to take the steps to meet them.

5. Join the Executive
If you've already taken the previous steps and you still feel the need to contribute more, the executive branch may be right for you. The executive is comprised of the delegate, ministers, deputy ministers, and the executive staff. They engage in diplomacy, run the University, organize cultural events, publish the regional newspaper, design flags, help new nations, educate members on the World Assembly and so much more. If you have already taken the other steps and you want to dive deeper by joining the executive, send me a telegram telling me you want to join the executive. I'll warn you, though: This is where it can get addicting.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions.

In solidarity,


The Ooh Me So Sportsy of Fedele