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Map of the Free Nations Region and Rules

Fill out the application to request a map spot. The Minister of Cartography reserves the right to ignore all requests not in the attached application.

(Click on map for maximum resolution.)

Rules for placement on map:
1. Nations must have resided in the Free Nations Region (hereafter "the Region") for at least three (3) days before requesting a location on the map. SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY SINCE 08 APRIL 2019

2. Players must post as their nations (in-character/IC or roleplay/RP) at least once every two (2) weeks in the Roleplay Paradise. If it has been two weeks since the last IC or RP post, the nation can be considered inactive.

3. Nations that become inactive for more than half of (1/2) week are considered "expired" and may be annexed by neighboring nations. Expired nations will be colored light gray on the map with red lettering.

4. Annexation should be a war RP (but does not have to be) between the annexing nation and the expired nation. Other nations may intervene as they see fit.
4A. If one (1) week passes after the start of annexation and no other nations have intervened militarily against the annexing nation, the latter may declare victory.
4B. Upon the annexing nation declaring victory, the expired nation will be relabeled to indicate that it has been occupied.
4C. Annexing nations must occupy an expired nation's land for at least one (1) week before it can be fully integrated.

5. If both annexing and expired nation are on the same landmass but do not share a border, the expired nation will not be integrated upon victory.

6. If the annexing nation is based on an island and the expired nation is on a continent, or vice-versa, the annexing nation must occupy the expired for at least one and a half (1.5) weeks before it can be integrated.

7. If a nation has been expired for more than two (2) weeks (i.e. three weeks after inactivity and five weeks after last posting) and no annexation efforts have been made, it will be removed from the map.

8. New nations will be restricted to a size of no more than 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers) from east-to-west and 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) north to south.

9. Players who expired and returned to find their nation annexed will be entitled to an automatic successful liberation of their former map spot one time only. This free liberation pass is only if the expired nation has been integrated for less than one (1) month. Alternatively, formerly expired players may continue RPing as a territory of the occupying nation.

10. White/blank space is off limits for invasion.

11. Nations must wait at least two weeks after their last annexation has been fully integrated before starting another invasion and annexation.

12. Nations who depart the region without notice may have their territories marked as expired immediately.

13. When filling out the application, nations must specify their desired location and size. Vague answers, including but not limited to "anywhere" or "wherever," are grounds for rejection.

Map design regulations:

  • The designated font is Cambria, pure black (RGB code 0, 0, 0) or pure white (RGB code 255, 255, 255) depending on the nation's color. All text should fit on one line, but if the size of the landmass makes such a task impossible, multiple lines are allowed. Text will be italicized for active nations or unformatted for expired nations. Expired nations will have their pretitles, if included, removed; the font color to be used is red (RGB code 237, 28, 36).

  • The map is to be edited via Microsoft Paint. No other programs may be used.

  • The colors to be used on the map will be limited to those under "Basic colors" in the "Edit colors" function. Colors of countries on the map should be similar to that of their flag. No nations bordering each other may have the same or similar colors. Expired nations will be in dark gray (RGB code 127, 127, 127) and bordering expired nations may have the same color.

  • Oceans and other bodies of water will be light turquoise (RGB code 153, 217, 234).