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personal bio

ok so

am male
am [REDACTED] aNd A HaLf years old
am also a furry
sexual orientation is idk but it doesn't really matter anyway

am from poland, land of the pierogis and also the second world war
kinda good at compute and maths and some graphic design too
kinda very not good at stuff that requires effort
also i have a tiny bit of autism (specifically hfa or whatever they're calling it by the time you're reading this)

in case you're wondering: yes the bad grammar was intentional, i do that sometimes for the haha funnies because being serious is bad

my political orientation is libertarian i think? (specifically Linkthis)

best things in existence according to FACTS and LOGIC:

  • foxes foxes foxes foxes foxes

  • siivagunner and derivatives thereof (my favorite rips are the ones with autotune in them)

  • my little pony but only a little bit

  • Ralsei (yes that is a capital letter because He deserves it)

  • Linkthis super-cool drawing guide that i'll probably never use but you might who knows

discord: @zsboS#8977
reddit: Link/u/Sobsz
twitter: Link@Sobsz1
bad website: Link
everything else: there's mastercard Sobsz