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OOC stuff

About Me:
White, male, straight Christian that grew up and lives somewhere in northeast Florida.
Born in Oklahoma.
Aquarius, but that doesn't matter since Zodiac Signs are BS.
Has no accent but talks with Southern and even some British mannerisms (don't ask how the latter happened, because I have no clue).
Posso parlare un po' d'Italiano.
I also have a basic knowledge of Latin grammar, but sadly I cannot speak or write it without the help of Wiktionary.
I'm Conservative and I dislike both of the parties; in America, my ideal party would be a restored Federalist Party, preferably with a healthy balance of policies from Washington, Hamilton, and Adams.
♔ Unapologetic Monarchist ♔
I'm not a racist - one of my favorite world leaders was a Hispanic helicopter aficionado, thank you very much.
Lutheran (LCMS) - High Church is Best Church.
Ancestors are from: Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, and Czechia.

Interesting Threads & Quotes:

(Will likely be expanded as I find more ridiculous BS on NSG.)

> Don't use ridiculous strawmen.
> Don't call everyone you disagree with a Nazi, Fascist, and/or Communist.
> Refrain from using the words "Sky daddy fairytale."
> Actually, refrain from all insults and ad hominem attacks and fallacies.
> Don't get angry at flaimbait. That's how you let them win.

The Roman Empire of Minachia