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OOC stuff

About Me:
White, male, straight Christian that grew up and lives somewhere in northeast Florida.
Born in Oklahoma.
Aquarius, but that doesn't matter since Zodiac Signs are BS.
Posso parlare un po' d'Italiano, y aprendo espaņol.
I'm conservative and I dislike both of the parties; in America, my ideal party would be a restored Federalist Party, preferably with a healthy balance of policies from Washington, Hamilton, and Adams.
♔ Unapologetic Monarchist ♔
(Though, I've sort of disowned politics in general because it's all very retarded.)
Lutheran (LCMS) - High Church is Best Church.
Ancestors are from: Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, and Czechia.
Oh, and I play the saxophone. Tenor > alto.

Interesting Threads & Quotes:

(Will likely be expanded as I find more ridiculous BS on NSG.)

> Don't use ridiculous strawmen.
> Don't call everyone you disagree with a Nazi, Fascist, and/or Communist.
> Refrain from using the words "Sky daddy fairytale."
> Actually, refrain from all insults and ad hominem attacks and fallacies.
> Don't get angry at flaimbait. That's how you let them win.
> Don't argue semantics / correct people's grammar. That just proves that your argument is weak.

The Roman Empire of Minachia