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by The Sovereign Military Junta of Peoples Republic of Joyea. . 1 reads.

The Joyean Liberation Army terrorist group strikes Again!

January 13th-This time they have set and set off homemade explosives and have began attacking civilian and government buildings. The bombings have killed 12 people and have injured 200+ the terrorists have also taken hostages in the ministry of justice and the ministry of defense saying that for every 1 of them injured or killed they will kill 20 hostages. There are currently 342 hostages in the ministry of justice and 623 in the ministry of defense. They have began shooting up malls the Joyea city intl. airport and banks also large stores. The Storm Commandos have been Called in to free the hostages.
January 14th- the area surrounding the government offices in Joyeah city have been taken by the terrorists we are no where near freeing any of the hostages
Jan 20 all hostages rescued