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FNR | Master Dispatch

Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Master Dispatch

Master Dispatch

Obtaining Citizenship
A guide on how to obtain citizenship in the region.

LinkFNR Discord
Official Discord of the FNR. Come and chat with your fellow citizens!

LinkRegional Forum
The FNR’s official forum.

FNR Newcomer’s Guide
Learn about the FNR and find out more about opportunities in the region.

NationStates Guide
A guide to help those, new or experienced, in all aspects of the world of NationStates.

Communication Etiquette
A list of rules for the Discord, RMB, forums, and more.

Political Parties
List of current Political Parties and prerequisites to create a party.

The Constitution of The Free Nations Region.

Legal Code
All currently active regional law. Please be sure to adhere to these!

Current Government
A directory to help contact regional officials.

Government Employment
Opportunities for employment within the FNR!

The Executive Branch
Home to further information regarding the President and Ministries.

The Legislative Branch
Home to further information regarding the Citizens' Assembly.

The Judicial Branch
Home to further information regarding the judiciary.

Office of the World Assembly
The hub of our region's World Assembly operations.

The Free Nations Herald
Take a glance at the region's premier news source!

LinkGovernment Feedback Form
Submit any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions you have for FNR's government here!

The Free Nations Realm
The home of roleplaying in The Free Nations Region. You can make RP posts on its Regional Message Board.

Master Dispatch
An overview of our region's roleplay.

Roleplay Staff
The people who manage our roleplay community. Contact them if you need help!

LinkRoleplay Rules
Please follow these rules when posting anything in The Free Nations Realm.

LinkCharacter Roleplay
An alternative roleplaying scene, situated in its own Discord server.

LinkFNDA Discord
FNDA HQ. This will be the primary base for all operations.

FNDA Guide
A guide to the job and workings of the FNDA.

NS Forum Military Guide
A guide to R/D found on the NS forums.

Office of the Founder
The desk of the Founder of The Free Nations Region.

IC vs OOC, or Why We Have Moderators
A detailed explanation of the need for out-of-character (OOC) Moderators.

Regional Templates
BBcode for our dispatch headers and footers.