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Cheese Industry grows by 23%

The recent government policies surrounding trade and economics have lead to a rise in the sales and production of Luxenshire Cheese which has now overtaken the famous Luxenshire based Karelia™, Lexium™ and Bearman™ Car manufacturers whom have until recently been Luxenshire's primary export and source of government income until the recent changes in government policy surrounding the "Growth for growth" policy which is aimed at increasing the nation's population and rate of birth by 25%. This is being done by increasing wages and food imports whilst lowering prices across all government owned stores. Due to this the cheese industry had taken off to New heights as it contains high levels of calcium for babies and young children of which there are now many more. The leading company behind this rise is Moresby Cheddar™ who has seen sales rise by 37% in the last year.

"It's a wonderful year for cheese, and for business and I think the food industry as a whole will continue to rise due to this new government policy"
-Paul Moresby CEO of Moresby Cheddar