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by The Provisional Fasco Government of Baltican Union. . 2 reads.

The Lore & Grand History of A.H.W - A.H.H - H.N and the forgotten ones.

- The Lore & Grand History of A.H.W - A.H.H - H.N -
- The Baltican Account & Recollections with Included Sub Region Histories -

Introduction and Footnotes

Hello there!
Now you might have come across this buried jumble of strange words, which probably mean nothing to you or mostly anybody on this site, but this is here is an immense tale spanning years, decades in internet time, across a long and vast intertwined journey. As an aspiring writer my purpose here is to truly document the happenings of these, now, mostly defunct regions and users without bias or judgement which so many veteran members think of when they hear 'Alternate History World'. The actual reason behind this work is so that these, both insignificant and significant, events and happenings are recorded straight and without error, something which hasn't been undertaken on the Nation States site as I believe. I would also like to add the Hanchu-Sekowo version of histories deserve merit but, in my opinion, they do not truly present the scope and actual core of what had happened since they only offer an insignificant glimpse with lacking research and sources. If these links are up, Hanchus charts for A.H.W and Sekowo's historical basics for H.N.

These two members are sometimes disregarded by some, something I am willing to overlook. I'd also like to state that despite the Historia founder holding the factbook, it was in fact the work of Sekowo under a puppet which later caused: controversy, dismay and his absence from the region ever since. As matter of significance, feuds like this had occurred throughout the entirety of the existence of these regions: ironically a veteran member by the name Latznavia would state 'That region was a big argument from the start' when joining H.N on it's first RMB pages, something which would also daunt the place he was so optimistic of.