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The Leader: Madame President Zeva Drushcheva.

When President Drushcheva was a small child, she would pore over her father's books about democracy and want to be a leader. Her father discouraged her, saying that there had never been a woman president. Drushcheva still held on to her dream.
When Drushcheva grew up, she started small. She became mayor of her small town, and then she decided to run for governor of her province, Jerbania.
The election was close, but she won. After 2 great terms as governor, Drushcheva set her sights on the presidency. If she won, (spoiler alert: she did), she was going to be the first female president of Arzekistan.
Drushcheva faced rough opposition from the other candidates. Through promises that she didn't intend to keep and sly campaign tactics, she won.
Drushcheva does what she hopes is best for Arzekistan.
Drushcheva is the target of several sexual assault accusations, but the people ignore them, because they doubt that a woman can and does do those kinds of things.
Drushcheva likes reading, dancing, fishing, and flirting. She is unmarried, and has had a string of boyfriends.
Drushcheva has a high approval rating. Most people love her, like her, tolerate her, or just think nothing of her. The only people that really hate Drushcheva are far-right misogynists.