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A Decree of the Inner Circle: Temporary Suspension of Constitution

Decree from the Inner Circle, 10 January 2019

Right now our region is struggling with population and activity, and, realistically speaking, has never had enough citizens to support a democratic, elected system of government. I've tried to manage, and also tried to stay hands-off as much as possible from the government, in accordance with the intent of the Inner Circle. I'm afraid this can't go on much longer in our current state.

Effective immediately, I am temporarily suspending the Constitution of Latum Alterum, and will be more directly managing the region. This measure is indefinite, and will remain in place until myself and the Council are confident the region can support the government outlined in the document.

For now, Mages will remain in their current positions and perform their regular duties, and Redburnia will also be considered part of the Council. I may appoint others as I see fit. Citizenship processing will also go on as normal.

I have other changes and ideas that will be coming forward in the near future, which will hopefully give the region a little life and relevancy.

Here's to moving forward together.

Lord Warren Arrna
Head of the Inner Circle