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by The 13 Confederacies of Christian Confederation. . 402 reads.

Images to explain my nation, no it's not a power fantasy.

Sorry about the stock photos, but lucky for y'all i will keep updating.
Thanks to Kurwianath for attatching these great pictures.

President Corbett (I hope I look as good as him at that age)

Presedant Corbett on his horse silver

The first lady

The first son (Dr. Lee Corbett-scientists/politican)
Just Google dr Wells from flash the link broke

First daughter (Sue Corbett- actress/model)

General lee (hero of the war for Independence)

Presidential mansion (outside confederat city)

Executive office (Heart of confederat city)

Capital building (across the capital from the executive officer)

Hexagon (on the Eastern side of confederat city)

Confederat troops raising the flag on a California mountain.(image likely taken during WWII, Korea,or vitanam,my guess is Nam)

More troops (support the boys in grey)

State press (real news)

Admaral McDowell (supreme Commander of the confederat naval forces)

Confederat space force.(shut up I know it's star wars,it could have been
Spaceballs for all I care)

Air Force fighter formation

Overlord of Media

Patriotism and the national sport

Dixie woman

Dixie man

More troops

So patriotic

Superman (truth justice and the confederat way)

Spiderman (in Atlanta)

Airborne Calvary work horse

Battle of Santa Barbara hills (wwll)

Somewhere in Europe ww2

Troop transport (outside bagdad)

Solder writing home (south of DC WWII)

DC in 1950

Army base mess hall

Troops in Nam

Troops in the Alaskan defince force

Anti-Cartel fighting forces

Base in isreal

Troops in Africa

Troops in Egypt (1955 isrelie expansion war)

Citizens showing there patriotism

Commisinor of the CCPD