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Improvised Rules of War

Wars in Anteria could be fought like this:
You should have a war map,as we already have,to run the war theater. You will have to fight on a NS forum topic to ensure order as well as to use a GM who will choose the results of the clashes of any faction. During the "tactical" phase on the war map, nations will be able to move their contingents to any location they have to attack (it's obvious that if they want to reach a town, but this is guarded by enemy units, they'll have to engage them in a battle), but everything will not be so simple, as to move a contingent for certain miles you'll have to wait several hours (or even days, depends on distances, resources, preparation etc...).This will give more realism to the game about the movement problem.

When two contingents start a fight, the "Skirmish" Phase will take place, where you will no longer have to use the War Map but a Battle Map, a smaller map where you can see the battlefield (if you engage the clash in a town / city you will have the map of the city, in the mountains you will have the Battle Map of a mountainous area and so on also for other types of territories,something like this [obviously this is an improvised example,the Battle Map and the quality will be better and bigger xD])

Unit movements will be adjusted by dividing the battlefield into small territories, just to avoid cheating and godmodding (LinkEXAMPLE ), and every part of the territory on the map will give advantages and disadvantages (example: the areas with mountains will be excellent coverage for the infantry but will prevent the passage of tanks, the roads will ensure the tanks a good movement but will prevent the infantry to defend properly etc...).Same thing for the attack radius of the units: tanks and infantry will be able to shoot only at adjacent enemy units, while the artillery could shoot farther. When two units will clash, based on the advantages / disadvantages of the territories, the GM will calculate the losses and kills with, so as not to favor any faction.

Shootings between enemy units will take place in this way, for example:

100 neranyian light infantrymen (without anti-tank weapons) and 20 neranyian tanks VS 40 demitorian tanks and 500 demitorian light infantrymen (without anti-tank weapons).
Nerany's unit is in a forest, while Demitor's unit is on the plain (as you can see on the map).
Nerany will have a tactical advantage, as the forest gives more coverage both to the infantry and to the tanks, Demitor instead is without coverage.

The calculation of losses could therefore be:

> 100 neranyians infantrymen will kill (Will have to come out from randomizer a number between 1 up to 100 to simulate every soldier of Nerany who shoots, in this case it will come out 50 for example) 50 demitorian infantrymen (they can not attack wagons as they are light units) BUT being the demitorian infantrymen in the plains, as malus for the demitorian unit the result will be multiplied by 2,so it will be 50 x 2 = 100. Demitor will lose 100 infantrymen.

> 20 neranyian tanks will destroy: (random number ... 10) 10 demitorian tanks (if you want Nerany can hit either the infantry, or the tanks, or both [example: 10 tanks hit the infantry and 10 tanks hit the other tanks])

Then it's Demitor's results:

> 500 demitorian soldiers will kill: (random number ... 150) 150 neranyan soldiers BUT being Nerany in favorable territory (Forest) the losses are reduced by half, so it will be 150 : 2 = 75. In total Nerany will lose only 75 soldiers.

> 40 demitorian tanks will destroy: (random number ... 20) 20 neranyan tanks BUT being Nerany in favorable territory the losses are reduced in half, so it will be 20 : 2 = 10. In total Nerany will lose only 10 tanks.
The calculation of losses will be counted as if the skirmish had occurred in real time, just to avoid having the advantage who fires first, so in total the remaining troops will be:

- Nerany: 25 infantrymen e 10 tanks (losses: 75 infantrymen and 10 tanks)
- Demitor: 400 infantrymen e 30 tanks (losses: 100 infantrymen and 10 tanks)

In this way you will get random casualties from each faction but taking advantage of the unit numbers, the type of units, which target to attack mostly and the territory.Besides Nerany will be able to decide in the following turn to: to commit suicide the unit by making it fight to the death, retreat while he's fighting (so even if he runs away and Demitor chases him, Nerany can defend himself), to break (it will escape without losses but he'll be not able to fight back for the next turn as the unit is temporarily disorganized and if it tries to defend the attack power will be halved) or if you have units nearby you can join the contingent in the forest in order to withstand yet another attack, giving time to other units to organize a rearguard or waiting for the air support. Demitor will be able to do the exact same actions of Nerany.

Also units can be classified into genres, such as light infantry, anti-tank infantry, APCs, tanks, artillery, mobile artillery, rocket launchers, bunkers, SAM, AA guns, mobile AA guns etc ...
Furthermore if a contingent on the War Map will be separated from the territory of influence of his nation (example: a contingent of anatean tanks / infantrymen is besieged in a village by demitorian troops) the besieged contingent will suffer a halving of the attack of 2 for the battle on the Battle Map for the whole skirmish, just to simulate the lack of ammunition.Supply could be parachuted by airdrops, but the supplies will be worth for one battle. Example: if a squadron of Yisrael transport aircrafts will rescue the Anatean tanks launching some supplies, when Demitor starts the skirmish the anatean tanks will not suffer the malus of the lack of supplies. Of course as long as the allied supplies are able to arrive without being intercepted by enemy air squadrons or fixed SAM positions (AA and SAM mobile units are not able to attack a squadron of transport aircraft that fly even at 20.000 / 30.000 feet, but they will be lethal in the skirmishes in case of presence of enemy aircrafts.)

In this way you will have strategy, In Character posts (possibly tactical orders can be written at the end of the post as if they were not part of the IC story in case you wanted, the important thing is to write them somewhere lol) and also randomness managed by the GM, all without cheating or godmodding.Also battles will be considerably longer as well as the wars, and it will not be throwing masses of random soldiers and arguing over who can win, as it all depends on how you will drive the units and how you will exploit the territory and the different kind of units, so it will be only your fault lol Then you can also write the outcome of a battle on the RMB even with IC posts if you want, in addition to having, after the battle, a considerable amount of informations to write a book, document the battle or even just make more memes with nation balls xD

In the end it is very simple and quick to apply, what do you think?