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The Free Nations Region Embassy Policy


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Embassy Policy

In order to apply for an in-game embassy with The Free Nations Region, a region must have at least 50 nations, 10 nations in the World Assembly, be able to exchange diplomats (to provide foreign updates) and must be fairly active (determined at the discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs/President.)

If you wish to apply, you must fill out the following application:

Name of Region:
Name of Applicant:
Form of Government:
Head of Government:
Head of State:
Foreign Affairs Minister (or equivalent):
Short description of your region:
Will Foreign updates be posted on a regular basis?:
Does your region have the ability to exchange diplomats?:

Once the application is complete, telegram the application to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (currently The Greatest Bestest Nation.) It will then be discussed by the government, before being accepted/rejected.

We appreciate your interest in having an embassy with our region.