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Est. 5 May 1912
1925 Edition


25 January, 1925
Pravda has received word that a tragic event has occurred in the Pacific States of Concordia: there has been a riotous event between supporters and detractors of the Second American Republic in the city of San Diego. Unverified reports suggest that roughly four hundred innocent lives were lost in the fray, lives that were then decried as "traitors" by the Concordian President, Frank Moore. He is quoted as saying, "They dared support the Americans, and these monsters clearly were not humans, but mere demons" of those who perished at the hands of their very own "brave troops."

And so the monstrous face of bourgeois politics rears its ugly head once again! The capitalists are in civil war with one another, and to what end? The destruction of more innocents! Men, women, and children will be and always have been slaughtered in capitalist conflicts, because the ruling classes will not countenance a victory by their enemies in their own class, and are heartless enough to sacrifice millions of workers to that aim. This much can be surmised from the Great War of 1914-1918, which still lingers in the consciousness of every mind; it would be foolish and ill-informed to deny that this is the truth!

The Soviet Union sends its deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in the riot today, and thoroughly denounces the Concordian government for allowing such a tragedy to occur! Reactionary nationalism is certainly no reason to slaughter human beings like pigs! The communist elements of Concordia are encouraged to resist the rampant jingoism of their nation by whatever means necessary!

1 March, 1925
It has been half a decade since the Japanese imperialists took the port of Vladivostok from the R.S.F.S.R., and stole from the Far Eastern Fleet its home base. Recently, however, Vyacheslav Zof--Chief of Naval Forces--made a statement covered by Pravda in which he announced that a new base for the Fleet is in the planning stages, to be built in an undisclosed location on the Eastern coast. With this, Naval Command hopes that the Far Eastern Fleet might be rehabilitated and made ready again to defend Soviet interests on the Pacific. The base is scheduled for completion some time in 1929.

7 March, 1925
Comrade Stalin, General Secretary of the All-Union Communist Party, released this short letter yesterday. It is our pleasure to bring this to your attention now in full.

Comrades of the Soviet Union! I greet you now from Moscow, the capitol of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and of our great Union!

Ever since the era of the Tsars and bourgeois industrialization, the Russian nation and her sisters lagged behind all other bourgeois nations in terms of industrial development. This was mainly hampered by her lack of railroads and other means of transportation, issues that our Union still struggles with to this day.

It is of vital importance that the Soviet people come together to create a better transportation system! Every town and village should focus on two things: a good crop, and a good local road! Contact your local government for plans on how to modernize local roads, they will soon have plans that will enable a better transport system than any Union Republic has ever known!

Keep up the good work, Comrades!

I. S.