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Karteria's Regional Policies & Resume

Karteria's Regional Policies & Resume
Updated March 19, 2019


∞ Increasing focus on recruitment and outreach efforts allows us to increase overall influence and make our brand more well-known, as well as increase immigration.

∞ Unabridged immigration is necessary for new arrivals allow our region to increase in scale, complexity, and diversity.

∞ Establishing a Regional Embassy in the NS Forums would make our brand more well-known around NationStates and establish a greater presence on the forums.


∞ The use of executive actions by the Secretariat is critical for maintaining regional security and efficiently improving the region without undergoing the arduous legislative process for mostly trivial, everyday tasks.

∞ Current General Assembly powers act as a necessary check on the Secretariat and democratic participation in regional affairs is critical to maintaining unity and diversity of thought. The President of the General Assembly and other members of the government should do more to encourage GA participation and legislation-writing.


∞ Accessible and open roleplay is a significant way to keep current players coming back, which makes it among the most important priorities of the government. Accessibility to the roleplay entails limited map claims, understandable lore, and taking steps to maximize player enjoyment.

∞ Establishing a Roleplay Director and increasing roleplay 'regulation' would contribute to accessibility and allow for coordinating scenarios, updating key information about the canon, and setting ground rules wherever necessary.

Regional Security

∞ The current citizenship requirements are generally accessible, non-demanding, and maintain regional security as well.

World Assembly

∞ The World Assembly Delegate should be required to encourage further WA activity. If an interest prevails, there should be significant elements of the region that focus on WA resolution writing and discussion.

∞ The current WA resolution voting process allows for further participation in the democratic process and makes certain that the delegate truly represents the region in some fashion.

∞ The current WA delegate selection process is adequate for enhancing regional security and influence.

International Stance

∞ The New West Indies should maintain its neutral international stance and not participate in military gameplay.

∞ The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs should make a sustained effort to interact with other regions who have embassies with the New West Indies or could be potential suitors for such.


∞ An official embassy policy should be established that would specify which regions the region should diplomatically engage with in order to maintain clarity and professionalism.

∞ The NWI should not establish embassies with any regions that are considered, based on warranted suspicion, of being fascist or raider regions. The NWI should also not establish embassies with regions that are condemned by the WA Security Council.

General Accomplishments

  • World Assembly Delegate: September 10, 2018 – the present (6 months)

  • Secretary of Administration: January 16, 2019 – the present (2 months)

  • Citizen of the New West Indies: July 3, 2018 – the present (9 months)

  • Author of two passed NWI General Assembly resolutions and four proposals

  • Author of one WA General Assembly proposal

  • Author of eight regional government documents and seven roleplay references [not updated]

  • Lead an initiative to move parts of the roleplay to the NationStates forums

  • Contributed much to the roleplay, such as creating The Union of Nations, International Human Rights Organization, and significant amounts of content, thereby expanding the scope of our RP itself

  • Lead initiatives for significant regional government reform, focusing on regional security and administrative efficiency

  • Recommended to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs seven new regions for embassies

Passed NWI General Assembly Resolutions


"World Assembly Opinion Poll Procedures"

General Assembly Drafts

"Founder Ceasing to Exist"

Authored World Assembly Proposals

Authored Resolutions

[Submitted] "Financial Transparency"


Authored Dispatches

Co-Authored Dispatches

Regional Elections

Rules of War for the NWI (RP)

Regional Government Overview



General Assembly Reference Book

Regional Mega-Dispatch

Regional World Assembly Affairs

NWI Official Dispatch Templates

NWI General Assembly Drafting

Roleplay Guidelines and Ideas (RP)

Current Roleplay (RP)

Union of Nations (RP)

Alien Intrusion (RP)

Suebian-European War (RP)

National Currencies (RP)

Current Battle(s) (RP)


As the delegate of the New West Indies to the World Assembly, Karteria asserts itself as a nation with significant regional influence. It is generally focused on utilitarian principles, i.e. making the world a better place by benefiting as many people as possible in the most significant way. It is also more heavily invested in the General Assembly rather than the Security Council. However, this document details its positions on both and the delegation's overall stance, which will *generally* determine the delegation's voting record and advocacy.

Political Decision-making: The delegation, while tending to support ideas based on aforementioned principles, encourages freedom of thought and supports compromise.

[OOC Reminder: while it is encouraged that you endorse the current delegate of the NWI (Karteria), it is not required, and you may or may not your own discretion]

[OOC Note: While the regional RP Karteria and World Assembly Karteria have similar political positions, they do not necessarily align on all issues. For example, the RP Karteria is heavily socialist, while in RL (and for the WA) I support some degree of Capitalism with more significant government intervention.]

General Assembly

  • Approval requires (at minimum) decent writing and legality

  • More likely to approve resolutions that fall within the aforementioned ideologies, especially when focusing on education, economic inequality, aerospace, and the environment.

  • The delegation believes that "a bad deal is better than no deal," in the sense that a less-than-ideal resolution that still makes some progress is better than no resolution at all, as long as the respective resolution is not a net-loss.

  • In accordance with the New West Indies Constitution, the delegation votes on resolutions according to the opinion of the region's members.

  • In said polls, the nation is most likely to vote consistently with the ideologies and specific subjects detailed above.

  • The delegation may or may not review the drafting procedure to analyze any possible disadvantages or legality questions, but regardless, the delegation has the authority to stray from aforementioned voting tendencies.

  • The delegation is inherently unlikely to approve or vote for repeals, considering that repeals tend to restrict possibly progressive international law.

  • However, this is not always the case, and the delegation has the perspective to consider all repeals fairly, especially ones that are made in an effort to make current law better.

Security Council

  • Approval requires (at minimum) decent writing and legality

  • The delegation is likely to approve commendations assuming there is a substantial number of reasons to commend (and they are not purely based on intra-national successes) in an effort to get them to the voting floor.

  • The delegation supports the expansion of nations' rights and freedoms, as well as making NationStates a better place for newcomers and current nations.

  • While the delegation supports freedom of expression generally speaking, there is a zero-tolerance policy for fascism, and it is likely to approve liberations that target proven-fascist regions.

  • The delegation is likely to approve condemnations that target fascist regions or nations but is unlikely to approve any other condemnation.