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Josef Slothlin
Josef Slothlin




The Revolution has succeeded thanks to the noble efforts of the Hero of the Revolution, Comrade Slothlin. The workers of Maowi have lethargically seized the Council of Maowi; welcome to the gloriously idle era of the Republic - the Supine Socialist Slothland of Maowi! Please, restrain your slothful ardour as we implement the changes that will transform this republic.

Hero of the Revolution: Comrade Josef Slothlin

Welcome to Maowi


Maowi was only discovered in 1946 when it became occupied by an adventurous band of explorers from a range of countries, who set up their own government with an aim to creating their idea of a utopia. The island had been occupied for 2,500 years by an indigenous tribe who were at first hostile to these visitors from outside their known universe. However, they were amazed by the explorers' cuisine - a particular hit being pizza - and so they accepted what they had now come to view as a cultural boost. Pizza delivery remains a key industry in the Maowese economy. Thus far, Maowi's slightly apathetic Government has been stable, with little or no discontent or violence fom its citizens.


The explorers set up a democratic government which saw the tribespeople getting involved in the running of the state. A good deal of the indigenous culture thrived despite the new government from the developed world and, married with new ideas about religious freedom and civil rights, it has lent Maowi a unique and diverse culture. The Maowese are also proud of their economic and social equality, closely linked with their natural open-mindedness which is an inevitable corollary of the mix of cultures their society is made up of. However, despite the populace's willingness to embrace strangers and foreign cultures, they are intensely patrotic and images of the sloth, Maowi's national animal, can be seen in every window.