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Issues/Issue Drafts

This record exists primarily for my own convenience, as a place to track names, dates, and discussion links.

I am honored to have had the following issues published for gameplay use:

1108 - A Whiskey Rebellion Brewing, ed. Candlewhisper Archives
1130 - Flash Crash Cash Dash, ed. Candlewhisper Archives
1141 - The Trolley Problem, ed. Pogaria
1155 - The Banquet of Walnuts, ed. The Marsupial Illuminati
1224 - Shine On, You Crazy Diamond?, ed. Altmer Dominion
1234 - I Declare a Thumb War, ed. Candlewhisper Archives
1243 - Kicking Back, ed. Baggieland
1267 - Hamming It Up, ed. Altmer Dominion
1370 - All Systems Post-Nominal, ed. Candlewhisper Archives
1409 - Happy Pranksgiving!, ed. Noahs Second Country
1410 - Lives On-Line, ed. Pogaria

I have submitted the following issues for consideration:

A Bridge Too Far Gone, submitted 21 Nov. 2018
Gone With the Flood, submitted 14 Dec. 2018
Under the Influence, submitted 2 Mar. 2019
Public Access Programing, submitted 28 Mar. 2019
Heir Unapparent, submitted 10 Feb. 2020
Greasing Palms, submitted 25 Feb. 2020
The Killer's Confession, submitted 19 Mar. 2020
Black Lungs, Black Heart, submitted 01 Nov. 2020
Content Discontent, submitted 13 Nov. 2020 (co-author Terrabod)
Liquidity Problems, submitted 20 Nov. 2020

I am currently working on drafting the following issues:

Cross Over Crossings, begun 30 Mar. 2019
For the Hoard!, begun 10 Mar. 2020
G's Louise , begun 11 Mar. 2020
Love the Bomb, begun 02 Oct, 2020

The following issues are suspended indefinitely for overhaul, or have been abandoned:

Up and Atom, due to a misunderstanding of the presumed world state of nations with no nuclear power.
Bike Path Wrath, due to a misunderstanding about the world state of nations without cars. Converted in to "On the Road Again"
On the Road Again, due to lack of any consistent meta to work with for car-free nations