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The Sekhmet Legion - 2018 in review

[b][align=center][size=200]The Sekhmet Legion - 2018 in review[/size][/b]

A look back at the awesome stuff we did[/align]

[size=175][b]Tag Raiding[/b][/size]

The main thing that the Sekhmet Legion (the official raider military of Osiris) did in 2018 was tag raiding. Some think tag raiding is lame, others enjoy it - and we did a lot of it. Here are some quick numbers on just how often we tag raided:

[size=150][b]47 tag raids[/b][/size]


From May 27th all the way up to the end of the year, we tag raided on a fairly regular basis. Some months were slower than others, and some months we raided a lot (particularly as of late!)
[spoiler=Here is a list of our top triggers][nation]Benjabobaria[/nation] - 32 raids
[nation]Ralticonis[/nation] - 3
[nation]State of Deprez[/nation] - 2
[nation]Calvinist State[/nation] - 2
[nation]Azazelai[/nation] - 2
[nation]Gabactic[/nation] - 2
[nation]Rigels Light[/nation] - 1
[nation]Th Empire of Wymondham[/nation] - 1
[nation]Luna State[/nation] - 1
[nation]Degador[/nation] - 1[/spoiler]
All that raiding meant that we attacked a lot of regions. To be precise...

[size=150][b]637 hits out of 1102 targets[/b][/size]

Out of the 1102 regions we attempted to raid, we succesfully raided 637 of them. Here is a graph of the targets and hits in each month:


Obviously, the targets per month is correlated with the raids per month. More raids tends to mean that we raid more regions.
If you're wondering what happened in June, we did our [url=]biggest raid yet.[/url]

[size=150][b]57.8% accuracy[/b][/size]

We successfully raided 57.8% of the targets that we attempted to. Here is how that statistic changed over time:


We've slowly but steadily gotten slightly better in the past few months. May is an outlier as we only did one raid and it went really well.

[spoiler=A few more tagging stats if anyone cares][color=black]
[size=150][b]23.45 targets per raid, of which we hit 13.55 on average[/b][/size]


Unsurprisingly these statistics stayed relatively consistent except for in June when we did that really big raid.

We did a fair amount of special tag raids, including an attempted raid on all the Warzones (which failed miserably and led to a downward spiral for Osiris-IJCC relations) and raids for various holidays.

[spoiler=Halloween raid][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Thanksgiving raid][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Christmas raid][img][/img][/spoiler]

As the main thing the Legion did last year, tag raiding led to the creation of the most amusing memories. Here are a few:

[spoiler=An omen of what was to come][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=A creatively salty native][img][/img][/spoiler]

[size=175][b]Hold Missions[/b][/size]

Of course tagging isn't everything the Legion did last year. We had our WA nations stuck in certain regions for far more than the instant they were kept in the regions we tag raided. On top of the many delegate transitions we forgot to record, here is a snapshot of every region that we piled in:

[list][region]Equestria[/region] - started 7/2, the annual Raidercon target[/list]
[list][region]South East Asia[/region] - started 9/26, a joint op with [region]The West Pacific[/region] Armed Forces and [region]The Empire of Mare Nostrum[/region] that led to us refounding the region[/list]
[list][region]Lone Wolves United[/region] - started 11/11, a joint op with [region]The West Pacific[/region] Armed Forces, [region]Lazarus[/region] was messing around in the region and we wanted to ruin their fun or something.[/list]
[list][region]Esterios[/region] - started 12/3, one of our troops ([nation]Bdurham07[/nation]) was a former native of the region and wanted it as a trophy so we refounded it[/list]
[list][region]Azhukali[/region] - started 12/26, an anti-NPO op led by [region]The Black Hawks[/region][/list]

We also started collecting a statistic that we call Piling Points.
[spoiler=Piling Points Leaderboard][color=black][nation]Benjabobaria[/nation] - 110 points
[nation]Th Empire of Wymondham[/nation] - 85
[nation]Lukatonia[/nation] - 85
[nation]Luna State[/nation] - 75
[nation]Imperium of Josh[/nation] - 57.5
[nation]Rigels Light[/nation] - 50
[nation]State of Deprez[/nation] - 45
[nation]Anabelle I[/nation] - 40
[nation]Padhia[/nation] - 30
[nation]Derumia[/nation] - 30
[nation]Ralticonis[/nation] - 25
[nation]Calvinist State[/nation] - 25
[nation]Mghnb[/nation] - 20
[nation]Scorched Ice[/nation] - 25
[nation]Visionary Union[/nation] - 20
[nation]Federation of the Resentine Kingdom[/nation] - 20
[nation]Johnsongrad Two Electric Boogaloo[/nation] - 20
[nation]The Desert Sands[/nation] - 5[/color][/spoiler]

[size=175][b]Flash Refounds[/b][/size]

Not all of the regions that the Legion refounded in 2018 required a big force of pilers. Some examples of flash refounds last year include:
[list][region]The Last Bastions of Earth[/region][/list]
I suspect there were more, but nobody wrote reports on them.

And I cannot bring up flash refounds at all without giving a shoutout to [nation]Ghostfox[/nation], who has played a critical role in organizing the majority of stealth raids so far. While she has been locked as a Guardian, and therefore unable to use a WA nation herself in any of these missions, she has placed sleeper nations to gather influence and organized other people to become delegates of the relevant regions. Her organizational skills have made her an invaluable Legionnaire and officer!

[size=175][b]Other Statistics and Closing Notes[/b][/size]

[size=150][b]253 Embassies[/b][/size]

Our Jump Point, [region]Nineveh[/region] (where we store our puppets,) had 253 embassies as of 12/31/18. While that number includes Osiris and a few other special regions, most of those embassies are with regions that we have raided. Those regions include for the most part regions that we have tag raided, as well regions that we have refounded (and now permanently control.) That should give you a scale of just how many regions are currently affected by the Sekhmet Legion!

[size=150][b]22 Legionnaires[/b][/size]

As of 12/31/18 22 people were in the Sekhmet Legion. Not bad! And of course, that would be impossible without

[size=150][b]40 Applications[/b][/size]

On 40 different occurrences in 2018, someone applied to join the Sekhmet Legion. And hey, we are always looking for new members! Hopefully we can get a bunch more people in 2019.

I would like to give a special thanks to all of the Legionnaires for their great work last year. 2019 will hopefully be a fantastic year for us, as we will have the entire year to do things rather than just the last 7 months!

If you wish to join the Sekhmet Legion, become a citizen of Osiris [url=]here[/url] and apply to join the Legion [url=]here![/url]