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Regional Guide

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What is NationStates?

First of all, welcome to the Union of Democratic States! If you're reading this, you're probably wondering what is there to do here. Look no further - here's a guide to properly help you on your way.

To get you oriented, NationStates is an political simulator dating back to 2003, with its most popular focus revolving around issues. Issues are dilemmas that a nation's leader has to resolve. Issues can range a variety of topics, with each issue having multiple decisions that affect a nation in a different way. Answering issues will change many parts of a nation's description, classification, policies, budget, and other characteristics. Most players focus on answering issues and developing their nation.

However, NationStates has much more to do beyond issues! Some more general things to explore are participating in the World Assembly (NationStates' version of the United Nations), roleplaying out scenarios with other nations, militarily invading regions/preventing such invasions, writing issues for other players, and more. There is a lot you can explore and do in NationStates. If you wish to know more about NationStates and what it has to offer you, feel free to read this guide by regional friend Amerion to learn more!

What is the Union of Democratic States?

So now that we've showed you what Nationstates is… what is the Union of Democratic States? Simply put, the Union of Democratic States (UDS) is a region located within NationStates. It's best to think of "regions" as guilds or clans that you would see in other games. The Union of Democratic States is a User-Created Region, meaning we are a community and region built from the ground up by players like you. Every region in NationStates has unique initiatives to offer, and UDS is no exception. We're proud to be a region that offers many ways for our community members to enjoy NationStates in a variety of ways from cultural events to roleplaying to our democratic regional government.

Regarding our regional government, one thing should be mentioned: the Union's government does not dictate on the national policies of its members, but merely prescribes regional law to preserve our region and seek its betterment. In other words - the Union will not disrupt your nation. In addition, non-democratic states are welcome to join the UDS - don't let our name fool you! We wish for everyone to become involved in our region, regardless of their nation type.

This sounds cool! How do I get involved?

Awesome to hear! There's a whole lot to do in the Union, and we're excited that you're as hyped as we are!

To get involved, we heavily suggest completing these three primary steps in the following order:

  1. Join the World Assembly and endorse World Assembly Delegate The Glorious Hypetrain.

    • Doing this improves our regional security and increases your nation's influence in our region and the world!

    • Need help? Click here.

  2. LinkJoin our main Discord OR introduce yourself on our Regional Message Board (RMB).

  3. LinkApply for citizenship!

    • Becoming a Citizen grants you various perks - most notably the right to vote in regional elections! Most applications are accepted in 2-3 days.

    • Need help applying? Click here!

What else can I do?

Well - what would you like to do in NationStates? See what we have to offer below and feel free to check anything out that fits your fancy!


If you'd like to actually interact with other nations, rather than just dealing with NPC nations through your issues - then our roleplays may be a great place for you to explore!

We currently have two separate roleplay Discord servers, where our primary roleplaying occurs:

Additionally, if you don't feel like joining our Discord roleplays, you can always join our fellow Unionists roleplaying on the Regional Message Board, although it should be noted our RMB RP has no real ruleset or organization. But it can still be a quite fun place to be if you're just looking to interact with nations on a more casual level! Beyond our awesome RMB RP, you can also apply for a spot on our regional map.

Note: You do not need Citizenship to participate in our roleplays.

Run your own region-sponsored project!

Some people often like holding events for those around them - whether they be game nights or contests to larger things like Soccer World Cups or festivals with hundreds of people. Others may have never ran an event or project in their life, but now they have some really cool idea they'd like to see implemented somewhere.

If that sounds like you in relation to our region, why not give participating in our Ministry of Culture a go? Our Ministry of Culture can help you set up whatever you are thinking of and promote it to the rest of the region!

To join up, simply Linkapply for the Ministry of Culture here.

Serve in the regional army!

In NationStates, therein exists a minigame called "Raiding/Defending", wherein nations will essentially try taking over regions (raiders) or preventing said raiders from doing so (defenders). The Union is proud to present the Union of Democratic States Armed Forces as a Defender military with aims to protect the world from preying invaders.

If you like extensively fast-paced gameplay, a large amount of skills/techniques to master, progression up the ranks, and tight social camadrie with those around you - it may be worth a shot joining the UDSAF.

To join up, simply Linkapply for the Ministry of Defense!

Legislate regional law!

The Union is home to a small yet comprehensive body of law upheld by various legal principles and schools of legal thought. That is to say... if you like reading legislation, love to discuss ideas that have an impact, or perhaps even writing your own laws, then being in the Council may be a great place to start!

Our Council of State is currently a closed-off legislation body that accepts members via application! To join the Council:

  1. Become a Citizen! All Councillors must be Citizens.

  2. Explore Linkthe Union's laws!

  3. Apply for the Council Linkhere.

  4. Keep an eye out for Council discussions and participate! (It's recommended to join the Linkregional Discord to stay up to date with all Council matters.


That is all for this guide! If you have any further questions or doubts, feel free to post your question on the regional message board, Linkask it in our Discord server, or directly send your telegram to our current President Phoenix Coalition!

We hope to see you around! May whatever you do next be a great start or next step on your journey in NationStates.