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Embassy Policy

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Embassy Policy

The Union of Democratic States decides whether to construct in-game regional embassies based on the decision of the current Cabinet. The Union only establishes any embassies between it and regions with which it has had long-term historic and cultural ties. Regions that do not have such ties, but wish to improve friendly relations, may apply to set up a consulate with the Union on the regional forum; which may later be reviewed at request, to convert from a consulate into an embassy. Any region that wishes to create a consulate must meet and suitably maintain to follow the following criteria for consulates, as determined by The Union of Democratic States’ Government. Embassy requests submitted randomly without a prior application will be denied.

Regions are eligible to apply for a consulate provided that they:

  1. Have been founded for at least 30 days.

    1. Exceptions may be made for re-founded regions, provided they meet/exceed this timespan.

  2. Must not have the following regional tags:

    1. Invader

    2. Fascist

    3. Imperialist

    4. Anti-World Assembly

    5. Anti-General Assembly

    6. Anti-Security Council

  3. Must not be an “Embassy Collector”

    1. Embassy Collector is defined as “a region with a policy of obtaining as many embassies as possible.”

    2. For the sake of pedantry, this also applies to any region that is determined to be a “Consulate Collector,” in a similar vein.

  4. Must not be condemned by the World Assembly Security Council.

  5. Must not pose a threat to the Union or it’s democratic system of governance.

    1. The generous application of “enemy” shall be interpreted by the government.

If any region that has created a consulate with The Union breaks this policy at any point in time, they willingly forfeit it. Similarly, any region that wishes to construct and maintain an embassy must meet and satisfactorily adhere to, in addition to the previous criteria for consulates, the following criteria for embassies.

Embassies are notably stricter, particularly because of how such relations between regions reflect on the Union and therefore regions without previous ties have an additional gate, being the prerequisite of having a long-term established consulate. Additionally, there is a cap on total embassies, as each embassy pairing between regions requires us to appoint an ambassador - So even if you meet all of the following guidelines, you may still be rejected not because of any problem on your part, but it’d simply because we just don’t have the personnel to sustain the connection.

If at any point in time, any region that has established an embassy violates these rules, they willingly forfeit it, potentially risking a negative impact on their relationship with The Union. The government shall determine any and all exceptions to these guidelines.

Regions are eligible to request construction of embassies, provided that they:

  1. Have an established consulate for at least 180 consecutive days, having had no incidents occur between the region and the Union within a period of 90 days prior.

    1. Exceptions to this are generally made for regions with which the Union has had long-term historic and cultural ties.

    2. Consecutive being that, if for any reason, a consulate has been revoked and then re-established, that previous consulate’s time does not count toward this timespan.

  2. Have a population of at least 50 active nations.

    1. Exemptions may be made for interregional alliance headquarter regions and alliance military bases.

  3. Must continuously promote foreign policy and maintain foreign relations with the Union.

    1. Monthly regional updates will still be required on our forum once your embassy sub-forum is created.

      1. Additionally, having these posted in our ambassador-hub on the discord is encouraged, but not required.

    2. Ambassador changes must be announced in our ambassador-hub on the discord.

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