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Iammelon Renowned Regiments/Divisions/Fleets

Iammelonian Famous Military Units

Iammelon is a very large place, filled to the brim with various peoples, cultures, and civilizations. And it is of course inevitable that there would also spawn distinct military organizations birthed from the chaos of the Bazaar's history and climate of conflict. Further among them would emerge soldiers and armies that stood out from the crowds, winning fame and renown for their actions. Some of these are new, some of them are old with honored traditions, and some a mix as new and old merge. Regardless, these notable forces appeared both on the ground and in space, since both fronts hold quite a bit of importance.

24th Excave Legion "Yorico Magma Guards"
Allegiance: Excave
Leader: Dragon General Razusn Corvo'tioi
Type: Combined Arms Excave Legion
Claim to Fame: Veterans of the Battle at Yorico III, Expertise in Siege and Attrition Warfare

--Bio to be added later--

Traits and Characteristics
  • The Line Holds - Due to the Trench Warfare-like nature of the battles at Yorico III, the 24th Legion is adept in grueling defensive warfare. As well the rapid construction of ad hoc defensive positions in case of surprise attacks, which they can then handle with a rather great amount of skill.

  • "Magma Guards" - Yorico III was a living hellscape, with unstable ground, extreme heat, hostile wildlife, and very little natural supplies like water or food. Compounding this with the constant danger of artillery barrages or widescale enemy offenses, the combat on the planet was some of the roughest imaginable for the soldiers on ground. Yet the "Magma Guards" earned their name for adapting to these conditions, overcoming them and even using them to their advantage against the enemy. The 24th Legion are an incredibly hardy force, and so attrition inflicted on them is greatly reduced in comparison to a more standard force.

  • Shyrite Experience and Loathing - As the 24th Legion's experience and skill was born on the battlefields of Yorico III, where the enemy was Shyrite, they have taken the lessons of facing such foes to heart. Not to mention remembering them as the great enemy. As such, the 24th Legion shows a particular vigor when against their old foes.

  • Symbol ~ Yoricine Lava Worm - The symbol of the 24th Legion changed to fit their claim to fame, and so is one of Yorico III's more notable bits of wildlife. The great Yoricine Lava Worm is a giant creature, often at least 20 Meters Long, that lives in the seismic ground of Yorico III. They tunnel through the ground, which means often coming into contact with magma. As such they evolved to be incredibly resilient to it, and are not harmed by it, and in fact are adept at swimming through lava, hence their name. The symbol is that of the gaping mouth of the creature, with the main teeth needed to crunch down the rocks and boulders they need to tunnel through exaggerated, with the symbol of Excave marked on its forehead.

The Rangian Vanguard
Allegiance: Zantine Empire
Leader: Rangian Captain Valerius
Type: Elite Infantry Divison
Claim to Fame: Guard Force of the Zantine Emperor, Most Elite Taurus Force

--Bio to be added later--

Traits and Characteristics
  • The Emperor's Guard -

  • Predominantly Taurus -

1st Excave Armada "The Golden Fleet of Heord"
Allegiance: Excave
Leader: Dragon Grand Admiral Akazari Uzfic OR Dragon Admiral Tamour Rulcar
Type: Defensive Armada
Claim to Fame: Guarding Heord a̶n̶d̶ ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶n̶y̶

The 1st Excave Armada was not technically the first space force that Excave ever fielded, as the designation once belonged to a far more humble fleet that existed for simple purpose of guarding Excave transport vessels. However, after Excave became the mega corporation it is now, and started pumping out a true navy, the designation of "1st Armada" shifted to a newly constructed fleet that was being tasked to guard Heord. This too started humble, until the Dragons of Heord made a complaint. They complained that their defense fleet was simply not glorious enough to be worthy of protecting their homeworld, and demanded something be done to correct this. At first Tyfrondor pushed this very petty thing aside, but then started getting ideas. Excave at the time was young, newly admitted into the Corporate Trio, and needed to mark up some prestige in order to be taken seriously like the venerable folks at Omnipo or the silent terrified respect Cyboar had. What better way to do it than to make a navy that was both highly effective and also the embodiment of showing off?

Thus, work began. The 1st Armada underwent a massive overhaul. Firstly, Watrike were brought in great numbers to crew it. Tyfrondor had long been aware of their abilities at this point, and so knew a mostly Watrike-crewed fleet would be rather effective and disciplined, not to mention it would help spread the reputation of the Watrike if the fleet was successful. Secondly, he brought in the most experienced naval commanders he could get to lead it, and also to teach a new generation of Dragon Admirals who could lead it after they retired. This was needed because Dragons had still recently been introduced to Iammelon at the time, and greatly needed both teaching and experience in space combat. Finally, and most importantly, he prepared the stockpiles of Heord Gold to be crafted into armor plating for the fleet. This would be for the reason of giving it the signature appearance but also to increase its effectiveness, as Heord Gold simply made for very good armor with the help of Draconic Smiths. And thus, the 1st Armada grew into its modern form.

The Golden Fleet, newly created, needed actual experience however. Tyfrondor decided to acquire such by having it lead a practical crusade against pirates in the Western Half of Iammelon, such as the early editions of Apex and the now extinct Valroi Band, who would be crushed in a great battle with the Golden Fleet. Additional experience came when rogue Zantine Empire elements attempted to attack worlds they wished to reclaim for their Empire, such as Boetha and Cuthia. The Golden Fleet was sent to handle the problem, and with assistance from local defense fleets were able to destroy the rogue Zantines in two great engagements.

The Golden Fleet is a diverse fleet, headed up by many larger capital ships but also containing plenty of smaller vessels within it as well. While it is mostly assigned to guard duty, it has no distinctive specialization in its composition. As such it can function in practically any role, and face any foe. Perhaps not with a super-decisive advantage, but this general combat ability is required in its role of protecting Heord from any aggressor.

Traits and Characteristics
  • Blinding Shine - The 1st Armada of Excave has all of its ships, with the exception of fighters, plated in Heord Gold. This gives them their signature look of being a golden fleet, as well as being incredibly shiny, it also makes them much tougher. Heord Gold is a very powerful metal, refined to perfection by Dragon Smiths with thousands of years of experience shaping it. As such, the vessels of this fleet are noticibly tougher to take down than standard Iammelonian craft.

  • Guardians of Heord - The 1st Armada's primary purpose is to defend the Cradle of Dragons, the Golden World, the seat of Excave's power; Heord. This is no minor duty or honor, and the 1st Armada treats it with the dedication demanded of the task. Beyond building a climate of discipline and hard work, it has also built up a simple yet very important truth in the minds of all within; The Golden Fleet will protect Heord, or die trying.

  • Predominately Watrike - Being mostly composed of Watrike Naval Crew, this fleet is markedly extra effective in combat thanks to Watrike martial tradition and skill. It is also far more likely to engage in, succeed in, or repel enemy boarding actions thanks to the significant numbers of Watrike Marines.

  • Symbol ~ The Sun Dragon - The symbol of the Golden Fleet is the so called "Sun Dragon", which resembles the black silhouette of a Golden Dragon Head with eyes composed of golden fire, while behind it is a background similar to a starry sky.