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The Srivijayan Consortium ☸ A Brief History

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An Interpolitical Roleplaying, FT: STL, Regional Alliance Based on the Ideals of Asian Neo-Nationalism and Futurism
Written and Founded by Founder The People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States and Deputy Founder The Malay People's Jamahiriya of Samporna
TSC is both a Roleplaying Network and an Irredenta of nations with varying political views led by the Pan-Asiatic States, an Asian-bloc coalition struggling to maintain order amidst proxy wars, civil strife, and an ever-shifting balance of power between rival nations. LinkAre you ready to take your place among the Consorts of Asia?

The History of The Srivijayan Consortium

This is a collated history of the region arranged in In-Character chronological order. Brief descriptions are present only to summarize the events mentioned. Click the links to learn in-depth, more on the historic, regional struggle.

The Pan-Asiatic Revolution (1890s-1992)

  • Taking advantage of the promise of American isolationism, the Soviet Union extends its influence in Europe and Asia; defeating the Empire of Japan in the shadow of two Pacific Wars.

  • Following a bloodless coup in 1992, several nations of East Asia and Southeast Asia form a radical Socialist-Orientalist federation: the Pan-Asiatic States.

Green Tides and the Sampornese Revolution (2019)
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  • After years of living under a nationalist monarchy, a Qaddafist "Jamahiriya", Samporna, emerges into the world stage after a bloody civil war.

The Consortium Proclamation (2019)

The Florentine Revolution (2109-2146)

  • Communist bureaucracy, external influence, and general infighting causes Samporna to collapse, leading to the rise of Neo-Nationalist politicians including Florentino "The Don" Fardo y Samporna.

  • The Pan-Asiatic States, weakened by a century of political and cultural unpopularity among its constituent nations, slowly becomes more hegemonic and expansive. A general annexation of Samporna in 2099 would lead to massive unrest both at home and in occupied Samporna.

  • Florentino "The Don" Fardo y Samporna, a former arms manufacturer for the Pan-Asiatic States, with sentiments for Islamofascism, begins leading a shadow insurgency against the Communist Federation.

  • Florentino's insurgency leads to a total reclamation of both occupied Samporna and the Philippine territories in 2110. He founds the Empire of Fardhin.

  • Aided by the enemies of the Pan-Asiatic States, the Empire of Fardhin and their autocratic regime begins to push-back the Communist powers of Asia. Together with the the Jupiter Pact, he embarks on a military conquest to destroy the Pan-Asiatic States altogether.

The Fourth Pacific War (2146-2159)
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The Sleeping Throne (2184-?)
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  • Post-war irredentism once again plagues Asia, as more Moro Neo-Nationalists attempt to gain control of the post-war state which had been puppeted following the Fourth Pacific War.

  • The Pan-Asiatic States attempts to autonomize and regain its former political boundaries to forge a new Federation less susceptible to civil unrest.

  • A Fifth Pacific War begins to boil as post-Florentino nationalists, corrupt oligarchs assigned to govern the Philippine region, and former Florentine military officials hatch a plot to spark another civil war.