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The Duckman Journal #1



Duckman's latest news !

Welcome everyone to The Duckman Journal ! This is a new newspaper created in collboration with the nation of Duckman. The nation's latest news are now packed together under the seal of the T.U.T. Media Corp. All of the news are Duckman's !

Detainee escapes from the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Brisbane

Man worked in the machine shop and took advantage of the tools he used to open the cell.

A detainee fled Tuesday morning (25) Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Brisbane.

Paul Robert Orange worked in the prison mechanic's workshop and took advantage of the tool he used to cut the cell and escape at 9 a.m.

The escape was noticed at the time of delivery of the meals, just before noon.

In a statement, Secretary of State for Prison Administration (SSPA) reported that Paul R. Orange, fled the unit through abuse of trust. The prisioner of the semi-open regime, with authorization for the external work, was called to assist in the service of maintenance of the generator of energy of the prision unit when he cut the wiring.

Also according to the statement, the direction of the prison unit will institute a procedure to determine the fact administratively.

Woman gets hit by stray bullet while buying pizza in North Hobart, Tasmania

She was rescued an hospitalized, but according to her companion, she's out of danger. Criminals were arrested.

A 35-year-old was hit by a stray bullet while buying pizza, on 77 Federal Street, in North Hobart, on Thursday (20). She was injured during an exchange of gunfire between criminals and police officers following the theft of a motorcycle. The victim ishospitalized, but according to her companion, out of danger.

It all started when two men stole a motorcycle that was parked in the Elizabeth Street in Hobart. Police were fired and a chase was started. The exchange of shots began at Federal Street, North Hobart.

Welder Jaydan Nate Dry passe the time on the spot. "I saw that strange movement of motorcycle, I stopped to see what was happening anf then came a girl running, telling me not to go forward because a shooting was going on", he said.

The criminals who exchanged shots with the police were arrested the night of this Thursday. The stolen motorcycle was recovered.

Faction letters reveal plan to kill prosecutor and coordinator of Victoria prisons.

Letters from the First Command of the Capital (FCC), seized by the Military Police (MP) on Saturday, reveal a plan to kill the prosecutor fighting the faction in the interior of Victoria and the coordinator of the prisons of the western region of Victoria.

The Public Prosecutor's Office created a task force to investigate the threats and reinforced the personal safety of Daniel White, who works for the Special Action to Combat Organized Crime (Sacoc) in Vlidon. The Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration (SPA) reported that it has taken security measures for the official Robert Dohctli.

"The safety of the prosecutor has been strengthened," Guithiag Lon, attorney general of the Victoria Public Prosecutor's Office (VPPO), said on Monday. The Duckman Journal could not locate White to comment on the matter.

The material with the threats of of the faction was with two women who had visited prisioners in the city of Mount Thorpenytown. They were detained by Ostensivas Eagler.

Colonel Luca Balsillie is arrested in Beauncoln, the fourth largest city, for violating the security protocol between Christian Feldt and Sean McKinney.

The colonel who was detained by Feldtian forces secured by the treaty in his office in the center of Beauglen was sent to the imperial military area.
In a note, the imperial commander to Beauncoln ensured that peace will be maintained in the small city Bayglen, living up to the treaty signed between Christian Feldt and Sean McKinney.

Chloe Mercer, mayor of Beauncoln, obtained an agressive increase in her personal security provided by the city after rumors of a coup.
It's not clear whether the colonel is involved in the alleged illegal action.

Interim Councilor for Christian Feldt, Madeline Glasfurd asks the lawyer Matthew Wheen of Sean McKinney to call for immediate for an judicial debate between the colonel and the government of Beauncoln.

The Empire will provide all the necessary security for the complete political freedom of the city based on the treaty of supervision and security.

Note: The internal and external security of Beauncoln provided by the Felditian army, a treaty signed between both persons established the complete protection of the government an permanent continuation of the Beauncoln city under the marriage of Daniel Clogstoun, winning candidate of the elections for mayor of Beauncoln with Scarlett Clogstoun, second place winning candidate of the elections.
Under such terms, any internal or external threat entitles the Feldtian army and his company to act in the best mutual interests for the safety of both.


'The Duckman Journal' is the property of Duckman and The New Mappers Union. Do not copy partially or fully without permission.

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