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UPBC Chronicle Issue #5

  • There's lots to do on the UP discord! Contact Daunlaund for more.

  • UP Paralympics Highlights!

  • What you need to know for the upcoming elections!

  • The winner of the bid to host the Winter Olympics – World Exclusive!

  • The Chronicle is looking for writers, interviewers and editors. Visit the UPBC Chronicle discord here to sign up!

The first ever Universal Paralympics kicked off on the 1st of December 2018, the host nation having been chosen to be Havadar. Six nations applied and over the course of two weeks battled it out for the fourteen gold medals in store. In the middle Saint pedro was topping the table but in the end Daunlaund took home the winners title. It was an extremely close competition and we would like to thank all the teams who took part in this wonderful event!

The final table for the 2018 UP Paralympic games


The Universal Pact elections are on the 30th of December 2018. The candidates that have been revealed so far are:

Federalist party candidates

Delegate Erskiellander

Vice Delegate Daunlaund

Communications officer Joushiki nante iranai

Admin officer Havadar

Centralist Party Candidates

Delegate Cansilica

Vice delegate Ambelviser

Communications officer Erbersia

Admin officer West Ankara

The DSL candidates have not be confirmed, so it looks like the two main parties will be the federalist and the centrist parties. Additionally, DSL leader Havadar has recently joined the federalists, causing chaos in the party. We are yet to hear from the DSL party if they will even run.

Despite this, it looks like it will be a tight race for control of the UP senate.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE – 2019 Winter Olympics Host Revealed!

A few weeks ago bidding started for the Universal Pact winter Olympic games. The bidders were:

We are delighted to announce the winner is...


Well done! The games will start in February and everyone will be able to apply soon, as long as they are a UP citizen.

We have had breaking news from Ivelboria and the UP Olympics team about an exciting opportunity for everyone:

In the Summer 2019 Olympics, all nations from regions with an embassy with the Universal Pact will be able to take part!

We are looking forward to this, and hope many people will be able to take part!

We are yet to hear from Joushiki nante iranai about whether this will continue into the 2020 Olympics. However, the Olympic team has confirmed that this will not happen for the UP Paralympics, Winter Olympics or Winter Paralympics.

In issue #6:

  • We will be interviewing the election victors

  • More sports, as the UP Cup 2019 approaches

  • And a New Year’s Quiz for all readers to join in!

All in the last issue of the UPBC Chronicle this year, on 31/12/18!

Have a great Christmas, everyone!