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Patriotic National Day Celebrations!

“Let people of all nationalities come together as Lightians so we prove our burning flame of love and unity for each other will never cease.”

— Eth The Great of Lightia

National Day Celebrations are customs of patriotism for citizens who like to express love for Bluelight. For their loyalty to Lightia, gift cards and random presents are given every National Day from the Lightian High Arch-Emperor. The 2017 gift card of Bluelight’s 366th birthday is shown above.

A gift card from a very successful leader, one who has led the countries for centuries and even touched the card with his own hand certainly means a lot for Lightian citizens. However, this is only the start.

Patriotic marches are usually held down the streets of the capital cities, and also all the other cities, towns and suburbs of cities.

Following that would be a National Day ‘play’ that would run for 8 Earth hours. It would have different themes each year. For example, the 2018 theme was: Freedom — It has not been misplaced!

Following the skit is the aerobatics show performed by spaceships and small planes, which with the help of magic, can explode letters that say: “May God bless you,” or “May you live and prosper to the end!” Each National Day a different sentence. 2018’s Aerobatics Performance used the phrase, “Go free and run in the wild! :D”

Lastly, a grand finale, one many adore, using the help of holographic television, one may be able to see the leader in face as he talks to the nation his wishes for everyone!

This common and yearly practice increases the love for Bluelight from Lightians, and their loyalty they remained. Since it’s independence in 1651, only about a few hundreds of millions left the country, when compared to the thousands of centillions who join the country today!