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The Lightian Tech Scale

The Lightian Tech Scale
Below is the Lightian Tech Scale (or ‘The Lightian Scale of Technological Advancement). A Scale made by independent scientist groups from all over the country, as well as hundreds of Scientists from the international community.

Bluelight on the scale:

The Scientists who made the scale together, agrees that the second group of most powerful nations, lower than Lightia, are placed at barely rank 11, majority of them reach rank 10.

This scale was made to justify the position of Bluelight in the world of technological advancements, securing its place as the most technologically advanced, reaching perfect status.

More information on the tech level Bluelight was placed at on the Lightian Tech scale:
12: God-like Tech
A technological level so advanced it can only be described as a ‘God-like’ Tech Level. Not even humanity can reach such a high standard, as to how to control the laws of physics, set down by default.